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RUSH: Have you seen news reports on the Texas gubernatorial primary? You talk about a bunch of people in the media who are devoted to templates and premises which are so wrong. ‘Anti-Washington message propels Perry in Texas — Conservative incumbent Rick Perry rode strong anti-Washington rhetoric to a victory over a sitting U.S. senator for the Texas Republican gubernatorial nomination in a race that could be a model in this year’s crucial U.S. mid-term congressional elections. ‘We’re taking our country back — one vote at a time, one election at a time,’ Texas Governor Perry told supporters after handily defeating U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in a bruising primary election on Tuesday. … After trailing Hutchison in initial polls in 2009, Perry surged to a commanding lead by mobilizing his party’s most conservative members and harnessing disenchantment with Obama and Washington politics.’

For those of you at Reuters who wrote this and for those of you elsewhere in the State-Controlled Media, if you think that this was anti-Washington you are only maybe 30% right. This was a primary. This was a primary between two different kinds of Republicans, well-known Republican politicians. And the more conservative one was overwhelmingly elected. And the more conservative one, who won, had Sarah Palin backing him. Kay Bailey Hutchison had the Washington Republican establishment backing her. All you need to know here is that in Texas, Republican voters were saying ‘no’ to RINO Republicans as much if not more than they were saying ‘no’ to Washington in the sense that RINO Republicans are the same kind of Democrats, liberal Democrats to certain extent, you might be able to make the case. But this was a primary, and this was simply Republican voters, conservative voters saying, ‘We don’t want the Republican Party run by the RINOs, by moderate Republicans.’ And Sarah Palin, who’s supposed to be death, was right in there backing him. You want the names of who was backing Kay Bailey Hutchison? You want the names? Bush, Rove, the party people, the party loyalists. I’m not criticizing. I’m just illustrating. So this is as much about anti-Washington as it is about anti-RINO and other things.

So I gotta take a break here, folks. A little long. We’ll come back, big-time audio from Obama several years ago, several different occasions saying, (paraphrasing) ‘No way we’re going to do health care with just 51 votes. This is too big, we’re going to need supermajorities to do this and do it properly.’ Of course, whatever he says, whenever he says it, the expiration date is just seconds after he finishes.


RUSH: I got some calls from Texas I want to take about what happened there in the primary. We’ll start in McAllen with Jeremy. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, sir. How you doing? Primarily I just heard you talking about Texas —

RUSH: Whoa, slow down. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Sloooooow down.

CALLER: Got it.

RUSH: Just a little.

CALLER: All right. I’m mainly calling about Texas. You were talking about how Perry won and how there’s a different mentality in Texas. I don’t know if you frequent the place —

RUSH: I frequent the place? I’m in Texas, I —

CALLER: — but the whole thing in McAllen, I don’t know if you know, is a mid-sized city that’s number one in the nation for job creation, job growth, economy. We’re not really feeling it but we want to keep it that way and there’s a lot of people with bumper stickers if you just drive around here, you know, asking for the Republic of Texas to come back. So just want to kind of voice that and kind of see what you thought about that.

RUSH: Well, I go to Texas a lot. I have favorite restaurants in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas. I have some good friends from McAllen. I’ve not been there. I have been to Houston countless times. Every time I’ve been there, I sense what you’re talking about. Being a Texan is a Texan.

CALLER: It’s something that I don’t know I guess you happen to take some pride in. Of course our city is doing really well but a lot has to do with income from Mexico coming over. We’re so close to the border that we have all this income coming over from the super wealthy in Mexico, but you talk about $7 gas and all the other stuff, I mean that stuff will affect hugely our economy, and I think —

RUSH: That’s the idea.

CALLER: — here in Texas —

RUSH: That’s the idea. Seven-dollar-a-gallon gasoline is destined and designed to ruin your economy. It’s designed to reorder your lifestyle. I don’t mean to be yelling at you, Jeremy. It’s not to ‘save the planet’ because we can’t save it or destroy it. It’s not about climate change. It’s about restricting your mobility, restricting your freedom. That’s what it’s about, and of course redistributing wealth, ‘returning the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners.’ Corpus Christi is next and Carl. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Dittos from Corpus. How are you this morning?

RUSH: Very fine. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Good. Rush, really, I think in my mind what happened yesterday is I went and pulled the lever for Rick Perry and I believe not only were there a ton of people on the Republicans line and virtually none of the Democrat lines (which I’m sure that varied precinct to precinct). However, my biggest problem with Kay Bailey is I love her as a person and I would probably vote for her again as our Senator. I just didn’t want somebody from Washington coming to Texas to try and run this state. That’s basically the bottom line for me.

RUSH: Let’s take that a step further. I understand what you’re saying. There’s no wrong answer here. I’m just genuinely curious. What is it about somebody from Washington?

CALLER: Basically the whole establishment. I almost kinda wish we could kind of blow it up and start all over. In fact, if I had my way I’d fire everybody in Washington. We’d start from scratch, get rid of the communist news media and just move on. This is a great country, Rush. I grew up in a great country. I don’t want my kids and my grandkids to grow up in a totally tax dependent country, and I believe that’s exactly where we’re headed. I’m not overly nervous about it, but, you know, down here in Texas we take up our arms when we need to. The Alamo a great piece to just go and ponder and think about things: 184 men gave their lives basically for freedom and I wouldn’t be surprised if this continues on over the next few years that we have to make a march on Washington just to make sure our voices are heard.

RUSH: Your voices are being heard. They’re being ignored but your voice is being heard.


RUSH: There’s no question about it. I can tell you a little story. It’s enough time has passed. I was in Texas at an event. Heck, it might be a year ago now. Some Washington Republicans found out that I was going to be there. I get a series of panicked e-mails. They said, ‘Governor Perry is going to be at this event and is going to try to angle his way into getting pictures with you so he can put it out that you’ve endorsed him.’

I said, ‘Well, that happens to me everywhere I go. What’s the big deal?’

(Snorts) ‘Perry?’

Washington Republicans tried to warn me away from it. Now, I don’t endorse in primaries anyway. I can’t help it. It was an event where I was going to be posing for pictures for everybody. I can’t say to people, ‘I’m not taking a picture with you.’ My point here is that in the establishment Republican, Washington cabal, there was panic that I, El Rushbo, was going to be in an event where Rick Perry was. It wasn’t for him. He was just going to be there. So, look, there is a conservative ascendancy that is happening. Conservatives are on the move, and everybody knows it. Obama knows it, Congress knows it, the RINO Republicans know it, and you can see it vote after vote after vote after vote. There’s really nothing that’s going to stop it. People have had it, and they are going to be heard. However they make themselves heard, they are going to be heard. A lot of people are going to try to ignore you, but they’re not going to be able to.

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