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RUSH: I don’t know why everybody is so upset about this. I really do not understand. This little piece of tape from JFK, air traffic control from the tower, has just got people in a tizzy today and I don’t really understand why.

JFK TOWER (Child): JetBlue 171 cleared for take-off.

PILOT: Cleared for take-off. JetBlue 171.

JFK TOWER (adult): That’s what you get guys when the kids are out of school.

PILOT: (laughing) Wish I could bring my kid to work.

JFK TOWER (Child): JetBlue 171 contact departure.

PILOT: Over to departure JetBlue 171, awesome job.

JFK TOWER (Child): 403 cleared for take-off.

PILOT: 403 cleared for take-off. Have a great day.

JFK TOWER (Child): Aeromex 403, contact departure, adios amigo!

PILOT: Contact departure 403, adios.

RUSH: Okay, so a kid, how old is this kid? It’s an unidentified kid, probably the son of one of the controllers being told what to say, so you got a kid, inexperienced, not qualified, not trained, no experience, no prior experience, telling airplanes when to cross runways, when to take off, when to land, even speaking to them in Spanish and everybody’s all out of whack here. Folks, don’t you understand? This is where we end up when we elect another kid to direct the whole country. This kid in the air traffic control sounds more confident and more competent about what he’s doing than Obama. So we got, what, a 45-year-old kid directing the country. They put a little kid in the air traffic control tower and people have a fit. Not I, ladies and gentlemen. I’m all for opportunity for the youth of America. Kid did fine to me, sounded fine to me. Of course the parent, the air traffic controller has been suspended here.


RUSH: Look, folks, I’m getting e-mails here: ‘You can’t be serious. You don’t see anything wrong with a five-year-old in the air traffic control tower?’ Ladies and gentlemen, I was simply trying to make an illustration. What’s the difference in totally unqualified kid in a control tower to Barack Obama in the Oval Office? Now, there was an Aeroflot disaster. That’s a Russian airline. They served vodka in the cockpit on that airline. (laughing) (Look, if you lived there, that would be your high point.) There was an Aeroflot disaster sometime in the ’90s. Two hundred people were killed when the pilot let his 15-year-old son take the stick for a few minutes, and the kid made a turn that the plane could not recover from — which is, again, another analogy for the Obama presidency.

A kid takes control of the wheel, makes a turn that the country can’t recover from. That’s where we’re headed.
Thankfully the United States of America is a little bit more durable than an Aeroflot Russian-made jetliner. By the way, Dmitry Medvedev, who is the president of Russia, is livid over their pathetic performance in the Olympics and is demanding everybody involved resign and if they don’t they’ll be shot — uh, fired. This is the worst Winter Olympics they’ve had. They used to own it. You know, back in the old Soviet Union days where the East German women were men — you couldn’t tell the difference. Back in the Erich Honecker days, oh, those were great days. I mean, you talk about human growth hormone? Ha!

Our athletes today have no clue what human growth hormone is compared to what the Soviets were doing, and still our amateur hockey players beat the Soviet Red Army. But the East German women, for crying out loud, they had thighs bigger than John Daly’s waist, and everybody commented on it, but there was nothing anybody could do because they were the Soviets and they were going to do whatever they wanted to do. But of course, ladies and gentlemen, it’s wrong for a little kid to be in the control tower. But I do say, I’ll tell you this: If that air traffic controller had brought his daughter in there, nobody would say a word. Take Your Daughter to Work Day, remember that? If he brought a little girl in there (child impression), ‘Aeroflot 450, please cross the runway right now. Contact departure,’ oh, the feminazis would be having a great day here. Everybody would be celebrating here, the emancipation of women. There wouldn’t be one complaint at all.

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