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RUSH: Now, why should these Democrats trust Obama to keep his word? He has broken his word to Democrats in his base on lots of things, from closing Gitmo, to leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, to ending ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ to all kinds of other things big and small.

If you lose your seat by being loyal like a Corzine or a Coakley, they come out — use a little Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark lingo — and urinate all over your memory and say that you were a lousy candidate. They threw poor old Creigh Deeds under the bus, off the bus, over the cliff, two weeks before the election, blamed him for not listening to them. Why would Democrats trust Obama? He’s asking them to give up their careers for his own narcissism! Let me go through a longer list. Let’s go through a list of Obama’s accomplishments, shall we? Why shouldn’t Democrats trust Obama? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? In no particular order: the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in New York City. That’s really going to work out well for New York, and noticed they haven’t given up on this. The non-closing of the promised closing of Gitmo. Hey, Democrats, do you remember Virginia, New Jersey, and the Kennedy seat? Just why would you trust Obama and vote for his legislative agenda? Look at his accomplishments! He lost the Kennedy seat! He lost Corzine. He lost Tim Kaine, whoever. He lost Virginia. And he’s going to lose a lot more.

Also, you Democrats need to keep in mind Obama is saying jobs is his focus while he’s obsessing over the destruction of the best health care system in the world, ours. Newspapers are running endless stories of Obama’s thug chief of staff being more competent than the president is. You know, even David Broder has weighed in on that one today. Details are coming up. Obama reading the teleprompter and saying ‘corpseman.’ Two big-time, embarrassing flops at Copenhagen, one the Chicago Olympics, the other the stupid climate bill. Obama versus Paul Ryan. You remember how that went at the health care summit? Obama versus El Rushbo, told everybody not to listen to me. I don’t want to brag here, ladies and gentlemen, but our audience measurement ratings — ahem — have never been higher.

Obama thinks it’s important to send out a ditz to teach America how to sneeze to avoid a phony, nonexistent flu emergency. Van Jones, the New Black Panthers; the out of control deficit and national debt; rising, out-of-control unemployment; apologizing around the world for the country he leads, greatest country on the planet, that he wants to remake in Venezuela’s image; the teleprompter; bashing a decorated Cambridge police officer for doing his job and being white, and Joe Biden claiming Iraq is a great Obama accomplishment. Now, you Democrats in the House, you really need to sit back here and review this list of accomplishments. Let me rephrase it: There aren’t any. There are massive sell-offs, massive sellouts. There are all kinds of betrayals. The things that he has gotten done are not good for you because you’re going to lose your seat. And now the biggest nuke of all, Obamacare, narcissism care, is going to be the virtual end of your career. In the words of Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark, Obama is going to urinate on your leg and tell you it’s just rain.

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