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Rush’s Morning Update: Worlds Apart
March 5, 2010

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Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor of the City University of New York recently published a very impassioned editorial in the New York Post. Goldstein pleads with the New York legislature not to ‘slash’ over $100 million from their budget.Eighty-four million would come from the senior colleges another $22 million from community colleges.

Chancellor Goldstein argues that college degrees are associated with higher salaries, better career opportunities, and so forth and in this time of “financial uncertainty” he’s puzzled why the university system would be targeted. Especially since the university added more than 1,600 full-time professors over the last decade, along with “distinguished presidents” who bring “a wealth of administrative and academic success” to their jobs.

After the violins stopped playing and I dried my tears, I checked. Turns out college in New York is big business. CUNY operates 13 senior colleges and 6 community colleges. The total operating budget request this year is almost $3 billion. With unemployment soaring, the state damned near bankrupt, and the overtaxed tax base fleeing as fast as possible (a-hem)– the Chancellor is crying about $100 million cut.

Mr. Chancellor, in the real world businesses confront reality, adapt to it. Rather than boast about new hires during hard times, they consolidate operations, cut labor costs, and reduce inefficiencies. Of course, the Chancellor and his “distinguished presidents” with their “wealth of administrative and academic success” would not understand how this works; life in the Ivy Tower of Liberalism and reality are oceans, universes, and worlds apart.

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