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“What’s happened since Obama took over? Everything is going to hell in a handbasket, and we’re running out of handbaskets.”

“The F-word popularized by me when nobody else had the courage, gonads, and guts to say it, is now popping up everywhere across the political spectrum, as it relates to Obama.”

“It was breathtaking, another Obama speech on health care. No, it was not the same. There were even more lies in this one. You would think that the insurance companies are causing the earthquakes.”

“What a dull and boring Oscar ceremony last night. There wasn’t any controversy, no anti-Bush jokes, no anti-Republican comments, no anti-me comments. It was dull and it was boring and it went 30 minutes long.”

“How much have taxes gone up since the Democrats controlled Congress? That’s in 2007 when they took office. How much has the deficit gone up since Obama was elected? How much has home ownership gone down since Obama has been president? And now he’s going to use that same magic touch on health care. It’s just absurd to put this man in charge of any more of the vital organs of this country.”

“Obama can scream about unfairness all he wants, but how fair is it to drive private sector jobs into the dirt and destroy small businesses or destroy home ownership?”

“Obama’s out there representing us as though we’re all getting screwed by these big, bad insurance companies. We’re getting screwed by incompetent leadership in Washington.”

“If the House passes the Senate bill, that’s ball game, there is not going to be reconciliation. There isn’t time.”

“Why would you buy automobile insurance if you didn’t have to have it until a wreck happened? You wouldn’t, would you?”

“What Obama does not explain to us and has no intention of explaining to us, is how he intends to make government run health care different than all the rest of the federal government.”

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