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RUSH: Folks, you listen to this guy Massa, you listen to the press — the news stories of what’s going on — and Rahm Emanuel and Obama in the White House. You listen all of this implosion going on. So much of our political news these days sounds like the kind of things that we used to hear from the Kremlin back in the days of Gorbachev, Yuri Andropov, Brezhnev, Stalin, and some of the stuff we’re starting to hear coming out of Venezuela. It’s just hilarious. Now, here’s Obama. This is from this morning in Glenside, Pennsylvania, at Arcadia University. We’ve taken a lot of the applause out of here, and there was a lot of, believe me. I’m sure this is a total union crowd. You know, I’ve often said that politics is show biz for the ugly, which it is — and I watched the beginning of this thing, because the press had a countdown.

Obama to speak soon on health care in Philadelphia!

Obama to speak soon on immigration and health care!

So they had this little countdown going. Fox joined it late after Obama had done the introductions of everybody in the crowd, and when he’s introducing all the political luminaries, he says (impression), ‘And Chaka Fatah! Chaka Fatah is in the house!’ and the place erupted. Now, there is nowhere in the country where the introduction or the news that Chaka Fatah is ‘in the house’ would cause a ripple? It’d be, ‘Who?’ So this crowd is pure liberal leftist Democrat union. Nothing against Chaka Fatah, but he’s certainly not a celebrity. Chaka Fatah and the mayor get rousing standing ovations? I’m just telling you this to tell you what kind of crowd we had there because if you watched this and didn’t know you’d think that you’re back on the campaign trail in Berlin or wherever Obama was and the cult was big and everybody loved him. That’s what this sounded like today, except it was all lies. Here’s the first of several sound bites.

OBAMA: [E]very decision, every debate, no matter how important it is, with the same question: ‘What does this mean for the next election? What does it mean for your poll numbers? Is this good for the Democrats or good for the Republicans? Who won the news cycle?’ That’s just how Washington is. They can’t help it. They’re obsessed with the sport of politics.

RUSH: Wait a second. Stop the tape. What is he now, trying to portray himself as somebody who doesn’t live there? He’s is Washington! There has never been a president who is more Washington than Obama. He’s got the sycophantic news media in his pocket. They are propagandist tools. He’s now trying to make himself sound like an outsider? Cue this up to the top. He’s trying to make himself sound like an outsider in Washington? ‘It’s just how it works. That’s what they do. They can’t help it. They are obsessed with the sport of politics.’ THEY are obsessed with the sport of politics? This guy’s changing the rules of the sport of politics! Here we go again.

OBAMA: [E]very decision, every debate, no matter how important it is, with the same question: ‘What does this mean for the next election? What does it mean for your poll numbers? Is this good for the Democrats or good for the Republicans? Who won the news cycle?’ That’s just how Washington is. They can’t help it. They’re obsessed with the sport of politics. But out here and all across America, folks are worried about bigger things.

RUSH: Jobs!

OBAMA: They’re worried about how to make payroll.

RUSH: Jobs!

OBAMA: They’re worried about how to make ends meet.

RUSH: Jobs.

OBAMA: They’re worried about what the future will hold for —

RUSH: Jobs!

OBAMA: — their families —

RUSH: Jobs! Jobs!

OBAMA: — and for our country.

RUSH: Jobs!

OBAMA: They’re not worried about the next election. We just had an election.

RUSH: Oh-ho-ho-ho! No? They’re not worried about the next election? They can’t wait for the next election. They wish the next election, Mr. President, was tomorrow. They can’t wait for the next election. Here’s the next sound bite we have.

OBAMA: I got all my Republican colleagues out there saying, ‘Well, no, no, no. We want to focus on things like cost.’ You had ten years.

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

OBAMA: What happened? What were you doing? Every year the problem gets worse. Every year insurance companies deny more people coverage because they’ve got preexisting conditions. Every year they drop more people’s coverage when they get sick, right when they need it most. Every year they raise premiums higher and higher and higher. Just last month, Anthem Blue Cross in California tried to jack up rates by nearly 40%. Forty percent. A-a-anybody’s paycheck gone up 40%? I mean, w-w-why is it that people think this is normal?

RUSH: Well, there’s a market reason why that happened. I’m not going to bore you with it now, but there’s a market reason why it happened. I’ll just tell you this. You’re going to see massive increases like that 40% all over the country if the House passes the Senate health care bill and Obama signs it. This notion that costs are going to go down is silly and it’s absurd. I still want to ask everybody: Who is this guy? Who is he to be doing this? He wouldn’t know what to do in a doctor’s office or in a hospital or how to run one. He wouldn’t know the first thing about anybody in the drug industry. He wouldn’t know a thing about the insurance industry. All he knows is the hatred he’s been taught for the insurance industry and doctors and nurses and so forth. He’s demonized all of these people, but he is no more qualified to run this health care system than he is qualified to run any business. He is not qualified to do anything. Why is he? Who is he? He is nobody. Just because he’s president doesn’t make him qualified or capable of fixing anything — and, as we’ve seen, he hasn’t fixed anything. Everything that he’s touched has gotten worse. Everything he’s focused on! Jobs? Unemployment goes way up. Everything that this man claims he’s going to fix is broken, and in worse shape than before he was elected. Here’s another sob story. (sigh) This speech was filled with examples like this.

OBAMA: She thought she’d beaten her breast cancer but later discovered it had spread to her bones. She and her husband had insurance, but their medical bills still landed them with tens of thousands dollars’ worth of debt — and now she spends her time worry about that debt when all she wants to do is spend time with her children. What should I tell these Americans? That Washington is not sure how it will play in November, that we should walk away from this fight or do somethin’ — uh, d-d-do — do somethin’ like, uhh, some on the other side of the aisle have suggested, ‘Well, we’ll do it incrementally. W-we’ll — we’ll take baby steps.’ We’ll — we’ll do… Well…


OBAMA: So… So they want me to pretend to do something that doesn’t really help these folks.

RUSH: The only people I’ve heard talking about doing things incrementally are the Democrats. Republicans don’t have any fingerprints on this anywhere, Mr. President. No way, no how. There aren’t any Republican fingerprints here. He keeps trying to blame the Republicans for this. It’s the Democrats who want each other’s promise in writing. It’s the Democrats that don’t trust each other. The Republicans are not here. They’re not involved. None of what they’ve suggested is in this bill. Zilch, zero, nada.


RUSH: Let me ask you a quick question here, folks. How much have taxes gone up since the Democrats controlled Congress? That’s in 2007 when they took office. How much have taxes gone up? How much has the deficit gone up since Obama was elected? How much has home ownership gone down since Obama has been president? And now he’s going to use that same magic touch on health care. I mean it’s just absurd to put this man in charge of any more of the vital organs of this country. You know, folks, we could have the kind of health care they have in most of the rest of the world. That’s what Obama craves for us. We could cut down on the quality of our care; we could cut down on new drugs; we could cut down on procedures and tests; we could cut down on quality overall. We could make sure that when you call for an ambulance, it might show up. We could do all this, and we could do more, and in that way slash your health care costs.

Is that what you want? Do you want the kind of health care Obama is promising? He always touts health care around the world, is that what you want? That’s what he’s gonna give you. Everything he’s touched has gotten worse. He runs the federal government, ladies and gentlemen. Obama runs it. And how is that going for everybody? Is it efficient? Is it effective? Is it consumer friendly? Is it cheaper than it was? Is it leaner than it was? Are people happy about the federal government? Has anything changed in the bureaucracy? Somebody show me the improvements. Somebody show me where it’s better. Somebody show me where this man’s competence is on display. Now let’s deal with reality. Obama can scream, he can yell, he does a lot of that now. He can scream about policy increases, but he never talks about cutting our expenses or taxes, does he? Yet he has some control over that.

He can scream about unfairness all he wants, but how fair is it to drive private sector jobs into the dirt and destroy small businesses or destroy home ownership? How fair is that? That’s what he is doing, and now a program will pay homeowners to sell at a loss. There’s no stigma to walking out on your mortgage even when you can make the payment, all of this inspired by Obama because the banks are evil, the insurance companies are evil, the automobile companies are evil, everything but the government is evil. Everything but the government is the devil. The devil is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. He should be tested against the same rhetorical standard he applies to everybody else: cutting costs, increasing benefits, increasing efficiencies. By these tests he’s complete failure. And he set the stage again for this big, final push in his weekly YouTube address bashing the insurance companies.

OBAMA: Republicans in Congress insist that the only acceptable course on health care is to start over. But, you know what? The insurance companies aren’t starting over. I just met with some of them on Thursday and they couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why they keep arbitrarily and massively raising premiums by as much as 60% in states like Illinois. If we don’t act, they will continue to do this. They’ll continue to drop people’s coverage when they need it. They’ll continue to refuse coverage based on preexisting conditions. These practices will continue. And that’s why we have to act now. That’s why the United States Congress owes the American people an up-or-down vote on health insurance reform.

RUSH: What do the American people know that this guy doesn’t? There’s not one poll that shows anywhere near a majority of people support him. In fact it’s just the opposite. A majority of Americans in whatever poll you look at don’t want any part of this. He’s out there representing us as though we’re all getting screwed by these big, bad insurance companies. We’re getting screwed by incompetent leadership in Washington.


RUSH: Hey, let me ask you people on Medicare and Medicaid a question. Is anybody denied procedures or tests or new medical devices or medicines under Medicare or Medicaid and the VA? Or do you get everything you want? Does Medicare give you everything you want, when you want it? Do they deny you anything? Do they make anything and everything available to people who are on these programs? No, they do not. They deny people left and right. People are constantly complaining about Medicare and Medicaid and the VA. And they want to make those complaints nationwide now.

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