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RUSH: I will tell you Democrats another thing here. You know, it’s very odd that I would be giving you advice that I mean. Many of you Democrats, I understand, will be very suspicious if I attempt to give you some honest, well-meaning advice. But that’s what we’re going to do. You Democrats in the House, I just want to tell you.Blue Dogs, I don’t care. Blue Dogs, you guys are dead anyway if you vote for this.

But this is a double-cross. There’s no question you’re being double-crossed, and I’m going to address you. It won’t take very long, but I know how much you Democrats in the House really want this. I know how much you don’t like the Senate bill. I also know how you’re being lied to that the Senate bill’s going to be modified down the road. It ain’t going to happen in reconciliation. Folks, it can’t happen in reconciliation. There’s not enough time for the CBO to score things and the CBO has to be involved if there’s reconciliation. So there will not be reconciliation. You’re being lied to about that. I can tell you right now, there will not be reconciliation. Obama’s going to sign it and once he signs it he’s going to drop it. There will be no mention of health care after that signing ceremony. They’ll move on to other things like immigration, reviving cap and trade, card check, whatever it is, but there will be not one mention of it.

They’re not going to take this bill and start immediately adding things to it because they want all discussion of health care to stop. So you Democrats in the House, you are being sandbagged and double-crossed. They are going to sign this bill, and because of your electoral fortunes in November, there will not be one fix made to this bill. Not one thing will be added to it after Obama signs it, and there will not be reconciliation. And you guys are going to lose the House and the Senate. Well, certainly the House. You’re going to lose it in November. And once you lose the House in November, there aren’t isn’t going to be anything added to this bill. So let me just tell you now — and for those of you in the Drive-By Media monitoring this show, please don’t take me out of context here and please don’t misquote me. Because I mean this. Please get this right. Please tell members of the House and the Democrat caucus they are being double-crossed by their Speaker, by Rahm Emanuel and by the president when they’re told that there will be reconciliation.

There is not time for budget reconciliation before March 18th because the CBO can’t get in there and score it. The process is going to take too long. It will never, ever happen. If you sign the Senate bill, Obama signs it within hours, and that’s the end of any health care discussion for the rest of this year. It’s too big a negative, too big a drag on election chances in November. So nothing’s going to be added to it. None of what you want, none of what they’re promising you will be added will be added. It won’t even be discussed. You’re dead. You’re gone. You have been used just like Obama is willing to use anybody in your party and then you’re going to lose the House in November all because of this, and the Republicans are not going to start adding things you want in subsequent health care legislation. This is it. You don’t like it. This isn’t leftist enough for you. If you pass the Senate bill, that’s what you’re going to have, and that’s the best you are ever going to get.

Don’t doubt me.

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