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RUSH: Yeah, folks, it is a delight to watch the implosion of the Democrat Party. It is a delight to watch the fact that the Democrat Party is a gulag being exposed. It is a delight to just watch all of the idiocy. Nancy Pelosi, we’ve got the sound bite coming up: ‘We have to pass the Senate bill so people will know what’s in it.’ Somebody said that’s like you gotta buy the house to get a tour. I think it was Ed Morrissey. I’m not sure who said it. Massa’s a train wreck, and Rahm Emanuel is a train wreck. David Letterman spent ten minutes making fun of Rahm Emanuel last night. This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen.


RUSH: We have now from a relentlessly silver-lining Associated Press: ‘Americans have come to detest Congress ever more deeply as it nears the end of a nasty fight over health care. But more than half still back President Barack Obama, a bright spot for a Democratic Party counting on its leader to help stave off –‘ what a joke! The headline of this story is: ‘Obama More Popular than Congress.’ What the real headline ought to be when the read the story is: ‘Congress Hated More than Obama is Hated.’ And he’s down to 43% approval in Rasmussen. It’s the lowest he’s ever been, the highest the Rasmussen super approval, disapproval index is.

‘The latest Associated Press-GfK poll found that fewer people approve of Congress than at any point in Obama’s presidency. Support has dropped significantly since January to a dismal 22 percent as the health care debate has roiled Capitol Hill.’ Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying we’re out of the woods with these people. It’s just a delight to see all of this kind of stuff happen. Here, for example, Kathleen Sebelius, again from a very approving Associated Press: ‘The head of the Health and Human Services Department is sketching out a stark choice for the nation’s insurers: oppose reform and eventually lose customers, or work with the Obama administration to improve the legislation. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told health insurers Wednesday that if overhaul fails, premiums will continue to rise and employers will cancel coverage.’ All that by design, by the way. ‘She said the industry may make money in the short term, but it won’t work for Americans and it eventually won’t help insurers.’

Never mind that, as we have previously pointed out, the sole intention of the Obama administration is to destroy private health insurance. Why else would they be trying to force insurance companies to take on preconditions? That means that many, if not most, people will happily wait until they desperately need insurance coverage for an illness or accident before they resort to buying any, and Obamacare demands that the insurance company sell it to them. Well, that’s not even insurance. That’s private sector welfare and they can’t stay in business doing that, which is the purpose, it is the design. And now this deadline, don’t you love this. The argument over the deadline out there, ladies and gentlemen, a disconnect. This is from The Hill newspaper: ‘House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and the White House on Tuesday engaged in a rare public dispute over when healthcare reform will be voted on. … Hoyer on Tuesday morning suggested the March 18 deadline recently set by White House press secretary Robert Gibbs –‘ Does anybody believe Gibbs is setting deadlines? Does anybody really believe that, that Gibbs is setting deadlines? This is an Obama deadline.

At any rate, that deadline of March 18th is not endorsed by congressional leaders, Steny Hoyer said. ”None of us have mentioned the 18th other than Mr. Gibbs,’ Hoyer told reporters when asked if March 18 was still a ‘viable’ date for the House to vote on the Senate bill. … Gibbs didn’t back down Tuesday afternoon, saying there ‘seems to be a disconnect’ between Congress and the White House before stopping himself to add, ‘This was information I was given based on conversations that people had in this building with Capitol Hill.” So now they’re arguing about the deadline. But they don’t have the votes to get this done by March the 18th, which is just eight days from now. They do not have the votes for this. Now, they want to get this done by March 18th. Why do you think they want to get it done by March 18th? I’ll tell you why they want to get it done by March 18th.

By the way, I think this is all bogus, but this is the timeline theory, this is the story. They want the House to pass the Senate bill by a week from tomorrow. Then the Senate will have a week or so for reconciliation and to be able to get it all done and sent to Obama before everybody leaves on the Passover-Easter break. They’re all worried that when these clowns head out of town to go back home for the Passover-Easter break they’re going to catch hell from constituents, and it’s going to be like the August recess was last year, town halls, all kinds of public protests and they’re really saying, ‘If we don’t get it done here –‘ and this is about five different dates that they have said, ‘If we don’t get it done by X, it’s gone.’ Now it’s, ‘If we don’t get it done by March 18th, it’s dead.’ And Hoyer said, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Now, Obama has told us that health care reform is important, 45,000 people die from lack of insurance every year. Obama has told us this. I don’t forget these things, ladies and gentlemen. Obama and some Democrats over the course of this debate, 45,000 people a year, of course a bogus number, but that’s what they’re saying. Forty-five hundred Americans die from lack of insurance every year. But it’s not more important than Congress going on another vacation on time. They haven’t had a vacation since last month. They gotta have another vacation, the Passover-Easter break. And passing health care is not more important than their vacation even though 45,000 Americans every year are dying from lack of insurance. So really, really important stuff here, like voting for a bill, no way that they’re going to be held to a deadline. Of course Obama’s never met a deadline either. He has yet to meet any of his own deadlines. Gitmo is still open. We’re still in Iraq. We’ve ramped it up in Afghanistan. What deadline has Obama met? He’s got that lackey Gibbs out there slapping down Hoyer and all these other guys.

In fact, I’m told that Pelosi, in a meeting with Rahm Emanuel said, ‘Look, butt boy, back off.’ Didn’t say butt boy, ‘Look little naked guy, there’s not going to be a deadline of March 18th.’ Now, Rahm’s up there trying to twist arms and whatever other body parts he can get a hold of in these meetings with Democrats in Capitol Hill, and March 18th is not possible because they don’t have the votes. They’re nowhere near it, folks. They haven’t been anywhere near it all year. It is a smoke screen that they are as close as they are. Drudge has a great timeline on his page today about all of these deadlines, what was said at these deadlines.


RUSH: So here’s the timeline on Drudge. Oh, speaking of Drudge, I meant to mention this yesterday but we were loaded and I didn’t get to it. Did you see this? The Senate has sent out e-mails to all of its staff aides, senators, everybody working there not to use the Drudge Report. Don’t go there because all kinds of viruses are coming on their computers from the Drudge Report. Which, of course, is BS. There are no viruses whatsoever. These people are so stupid! That’s like saying, ‘Don’t think pink.’ What are you thinking right now? ‘Don’t go to Drudge? Oh, my God, what’s on Drudge? Let’s go there and see.’ They don’t want what’s on Drudge to be seen, and it’s why F. Chuck Todd is all mad at Drudge. What a whimpering, sniveling little whiner.

Chuck Todd of NBC News was standing in front of the White House the other day bemoaning what’s happened to journalism. ‘Just because it’s on Drudge doesn’t mean it’s a story.’ These guys are so ticked off. They used to have a monopoly, and one of the biggest sources of their power was determining what you did not see, what news you did not know, what things that were happening you were not told. So there’s an alternative media out there, and I take a look at what’s happening to these guys. The cable channel that F. Chuck Todd works for, nobody watches it. CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times, take a look at what’s happening: Downsizing, layoffs, ad revenue down, pages printed down, all of this stuff, and it’s all content related. It’s content, content, content. So they’re trying to put a genie back in the bottle and whining and sniveling about it. How unbecoming! A member of the State-Controlled Media to complain about a Web page on the internet.

‘Just because it’s on Drudge doesn’t mean it’s a story.’ See, that’s the crux of it. They don’t have the power to shape news. You know, some of you people whine and moan about the media. If the media landscape were as it was in 1988 and prior, do you realize health care woulda passed last August? And most of you would have loved it? Because all that you would have heard about it was what the people like F. Chuck Todd and all these others in the mainstream media are saying and it woulda passed because they love Obama and it’s great for the country. Had there not been an alternative media, had there not been the opportunity for the alternative media to survive, thrive, and save democracy and our representative republic, this thing woulda passed last August. And that’s what they’re ticked off about. They don’t have the power to get these kinds of things done.

They can’t get the Obama agenda done with 60 seats in the Senate and a vast majority in the House. They can’t get it done — and the State-Controlled Media, I’d be mad if I were them, too. Michael Barone. Well, let’s stick with Drudge here in this timeline. His question is: ”End’ of the ‘End Game’ or ‘The End’? — Today: ‘Obama Pushing on Health Care End Game’ (AP). July 28: ‘Healthcare Endgame on Capitol Hill’ (Reuters). August 21: ‘Analysis: Health Care Endgame Near But Uncertain’ (AP). October 14: ‘Senate, Administration Begin Healthcare Endgame as Dem Leaders Express Unity’ (Hill). October 25: ‘Senators Say Health Care Bill Endgame is in Sight’ (Politico). October 27: ‘End Game: So When Will Health Care Really Happen?’ (TPM). October 30: ‘Health Reform Inches Closer to Endgame’ (Washington Post). November 23: ‘The Health Care Endgame’ (NPR).’

So since last July 28th we have been talking about the health care ‘endgame,’ and here Obama is today pushing the health care endgame. So we have a template. We have a storyline that they’re simply trying to move forward with no reporting, no analysis, no nothing, just the horse race or political aspects of this. Michael Barone, however, writing of this failure today in the Washington Examiner: ‘Dems are Stuck with a Mess of Their Own Making.’ Basically there’s a fork in the road out there for the Democrats, both sides lead to failure. Both roads lead to failure. Here’s the pull quote from Barone’s piece: ‘It’s beginning to look like the goal of health care legislation was a bridge too far. There’s a reason it’s hard to pass unpopular legislation on party-line votes. It’s not the Senate rules. It’s called democracy. … There’s a lively debate going on in the blogosphere and the press about whether Democrats would be better off passing or not passing a health care bill. Some liberals claim that Democrats would be better off passing a bill, any bill, even if it’s unpopular with the general electorate. The idea is to energize the Democratic base, currently demoralized by the prospects of failure.’ A yearlong failure, I might add. ‘Current polls show Democrats far less enthusiastic and far less likely to vote; passing a law might change that. Others, mostly conservatives but also some liberals speaking privately, figure that Democrats would be better off letting the issue drop. Back in January, Barack Obama said he would emphasize ‘jobs, jobs, jobs,’ currently a higher priority for voters than health care. By November, these [people] hope voters will have forgotten about health care and may be impressed by Democratic economic policies.’

They can’t! The Democrat economic policies are destructive, Mr. Barone. There’s no way anybody’s going to be — what? — ‘impressed by Democratic economic policies.’ We’re watching Democrat economic policies. It’s called destruction of the private sector. It’s called massive debt that nobody’s ever going to be able to pay back. It’s called deficits. It’s called redistribution of wealth. It’s called destroying the US middle class!

That’s Democrat economic policies. Barone says, ‘I’m inclined to think both sides are wrong. They both assume that there exists some optimum course that will produce happy results. But sometimes in politics there is no course that leads to success. Disaster lies ahead whatever you do,’ and that’s to the fork-in-the-road analogy where failure awaits at the end of whatever road that you take. ‘It’s beginning to look like the goal of health care legislation was a bridge too far. There’s a reason it’s hard to pass unpopular legislation on party-line votes. It’s not the Senate rules. It’s called democracy.’ In the Wall Street Journal today, we have Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen, a former Clinton pollster. He’s on TV all the time. In fact, he’s on Fox all the time. I’m surprised they haven’t drummed him out of the Democrat Party. But Doug Schoen’s over there all the time. He’s a Democrat pollster writing with Rasmussen here: ‘Why Obama Can’t Move the Health Care Numbers,’ and basically what their story says is that for every idiot that is for the Obama plan, there are two informed people against it.

‘One of the more amazing aspects of the health-care debate is how steady public opinion has remained. Despite repeated and intense sales efforts by the president and his allies in Congress,’ dwindling, I might add, ‘most Americans consistently oppose the plan that has become the centerpiece of this legislative season. In 15 consecutive Rasmussen Reports polls conducted over the past four months, the percentage of Americans that oppose the plan has stayed between 52% and 58%. The number in favor has held steady between 38% and 44%. … For every person who strongly favors it,’ who is the idiot, ‘two are strongly opposed.’ They are the informed. So there are all kinds of reasons to be happy with the news today, folks. All kinds of reasons. The informed outnumber the idiots, the New Media — and you — are now preventing F. Chuck Todd and his cronies in the mainstream media from being able to monopolize this and get passed for Obama whatever they want.

Then the question: ‘Why can’t the president move the numbers? One reason may be that he keeps talking about details of the proposal while voters are looking at the issue in a broader context. … But the bigger problem is that people simply don’t trust the official projections.’ Hallelujah! By gosh, folks, if this is actually true, big progress. ‘People in Washington may live and die by the pronouncements of the Congressional Budget Office, but 81% of voters say it’s likely the plan will end up costing more than projected. Only 10% say the official numbers are likely to be on target.’ Do you realize how breathtakingly profound this is? It means that there is an informed public here being polled that understands that no government program ever costs less than what it says. It always costs more, and it never delivers what it promises.

I’m not going to say this is a permanent realization. But on this instance it is. ‘The reason President Obama can’t move the numbers and build public support is because the fundamentals are stacked against him. Most voters believe the current plan will harm the economy, cost more than projected…’ Remember, a Democrat pollster helped write this piece. ‘Most voters believe the current plan will harm the economy, cost more than projected, raise the cost of care, and lead to higher middle-class taxes. That’s a tough sell when the economy is hurting and people want reform to lower the cost of care. It’s also a tough sell for a president who won an election by promising tax cuts for 95% of all Americans.’ So we’re left to what we always have known exists: Obama is running against the will of the American people. He and Axelrod and idiot Gibbs, who else up there, Rahm and Fluff, Plouffe, whoever. They’re isolated now. They’re like those polar bears on a melting glacier that’s broken off and they’re just floating further and further away from safety. The problem is they can’t swim 60 miles like polar bears can.

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