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RUSH: My spy is informing me of the Democrat caucus meeting this morning. I want to go through this. The Democrats in the caucus were told by Pelosi, by the leadership today, that this cramdown package that they are going to pass at the same time they vote on the Senate bill will delete the Cornhusker kickback and the Gator deal. They’re taking back the things that Reid promised to buy the 60 votes in the Senate! I mean, the Cornhusker kickback? Gone! Gator deal? Gone! These are things that Reid gave to get the 60 votes. Now they’re taking these things out. It’s Indian-giving over in the Senate.

Now, I’ve been alerted here, ladies and gentlemen. When was this? Let’s see. It was last night at 9:20, Hot Air by ‘Allahpundit.’ It focuses on Lindsey Grahamensty. Apparently Lindsey Grahamensty and Chuck-U Schumer ‘met with Obama to update him on their efforts to advance immigration reform legislation. During the meeting, Graham said he made it clear to the president that the already difficult task of passing immigration reform becomes even harder when reconciliation is in play. ‘I expressed, in no uncertain terms, my belief that immigration reform could come to a halt for the year if health care reconciliation goes forward.

‘For more than a year, health care has sucked most of the energy out of the room. Using reconciliation to push health care through will make it much harder for Congress to come together on a topic as important as immigration,’ Graham said in a statement,’ and the Allahpundit guy concludes his post here with the following: ‘Exit question: Will Rush be pushing amnesty on tomorrow’s show? Operation Chaos, take two!’ Meaning: Should we start pushing amnesty and immigration reform in order to derail health care? (laughing) It’s an interesting thought. Interesting thought.

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