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Rush’s Morning Update: Weak
March 15, 2010

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A recent Third Way poll reaffirmed what we already know: Democrats are perceived as weak when it comes to national security. Adding insult to injury, another study– to be published in The Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy — shows that when Americans are more concerned about terrorism, support for Congressional Democrat women drops dramatically. That’s a real challenge… since voters can find it hard to tell the difference between Democrat men and Democrat women sometimes.

With November elections looming, Democrats have decided on a course of action, though.Literally. They have begun training courses to teach House Democrats how to appear to be “tough” on security when they talk tothe peopleback home.

California’s Jane Harman, one of the Democrat “leaders” on intelligence issues, is instructing some of her fellow House members what to say. Harman told Politico: “The Democratic approach on security– or at least my approach– is that we know how to be tough and smart, not tough and reckless… for some Democrats, this is difficult.”

Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly, who took Harman’s “tough talk” course, gave an example of what he learned. Instead of saying: “I’m going to defend American values,” he now says: “I’m going to fight for American interests abroad!”

Uh, memo to Democrats: Go ahead. Take this stupidclass. Use your new script. But your actions still speak louder than your words. And your anti-war, pro-terrorists actions are on the record. You’reweak, and nothing will change that, and November is still coming… nomatter whatyou do!

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