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“What they have told you and written about Clarence Thomas for 15 years has been a lie. What has been true is, he’s always been an intellectual giant, he has always been an intellectual leader, he’s always been an independent thinker, he’s always been eminently qualified.”

“Consumer confidence is down because there wasn’t enough bipartisanship. Consumers have no confidence because Congress didn’t get along with itself. Not because they don’t have jobs; not because there’s no prospect for jobs; it’s because the Congress didn’t get along.”

“Folks, it really is easy to understand liberalism. It’s challenging to admit it. It’s challenging to admit that there are Americans who want to do what Obama is doing, but it’s easy to understand how they do it.”

“The reason that Clarence Thomas has been targeted the way he has is two reasons: black conservative.”

“If everybody went out and bought electric cars like Obama wants, we would have to be building a coal-fired power plant every two days just to provide the electricity to charge the batteries that will let you drive 40 miles a charge.”

“Climate change is not about climate change. It’s about something totally different. It’s about growing government. It is about taking liberty and freedom away from individuals. Simply a mechanism.”

“We’re in summer reruns here — and last year’s jobs plan was a lot like what this year’s jobs plan is gonna be and the jobs plan two years ago and three years ago, and that is: Spend more government money.”

“Common sense tells us all that the longer you pay people to not do anything, the longer they’ll not do anything.”

“If there’s anything close to a political certainty in 2012, it’s that Barack Obama will get more than 90 percent of the African-American vote. But that doesn’t mean every black Obama supporter will vote for him happily.”

“Everything that has been tried by this regime has failed to stimulate private sector economic growth. Now, you and I both know that this regime had no intention of stimulating private sector economic growth. But they want people to think that’s what they wanted to do.”

“Everything in liberalism is a trick to get you to willingly vote for or to sign on to socialism, the enrichment and the empowerment of your betters, the elites, who will run your life.”

“One in four Democrats would like to dump Obama. This poll was taken between August 24th and 25th, which is before Obama saved us all from Hurricane Irene. So it might not be that high now since he did such a great job of saving us all from the hurricane.”

“One year later, almost to the day, Obama says, ‘I’m gonna have a jobs plan when I get back from vacation.’ So the question is, how did last year’s jobs plan work? In fact, does anybody even remember what it was?”

“Anything to do with energy and the environment that involves manmade global warming, climate change, is now an official scam.”

“We’re down at a 1% growth rate, folks, and we’ve got the economic wizards of the Associated Press saying we need more government spending if we’re gonna get that growth rate up to 2% or 4%.”

“There is no stimulative effect of unemployment benefits. Whether you borrow the money or print it or get it via taxes, you still have to take it from someplace in the private sector to give it to somebody else in the private sector. It zeros out and probably is a net negative because it also has the added benefits of promoting laziness, slothfulness.”

“Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar, they’re both in violation of the law. Both have been deported and just refuse to leave. And when Uncle Omar was arrested he wanted to call the White House, just like when they run out of McNuggets in Port St. Lucie, called 911.”

“The green jobs industry is a money-laundering scam. It’s a vote-buying scam. It’s nothing other than a slush fund.”

“I’d venture to say that over 75% of every Obama jobs or similar-type initiative has been a scam or a ruse to get money to unions, because that money will come back in the form of dues (donations, contributions, what have you) to the Democrat Party.”

“If this goes on another four years, it may be two generations minimum to reverse all of this, or even get started reversing it. We can’t afford four more years of this.”

“To understand liberals in the global warming case, you have to understand global warming’s not about global warming. Climate change is not about climate change. It’s about something totally different. It’s about growing government.”

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