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Rush’s Morning Update: Divides
March 19, 2010

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Jimmy Carter and Howard Baker, the long-ago Republican Senate minority leader, are “lamenting the partisan politics in Washington.” According to AP, they are imploring Democrat and Republican leaders to “work together” because voter are getting frustrated.

Baker says that collegiality in the Senate is almost nonexistent. Carter says the division over health care and other issues is unprecedented. AP notes that Baker and Carter worked together in the 1970s on the Panama Canal treaty,which gave control of the passageway back to Panama.

Here’s what AP doesn’t report: Carter’s presidency was a total failure– the canal treaty included. Americans built it; Carter gave it away; now the ChiComs run it. And Carter can spare us the lectures on partisanship; there isn’t a more mean-spirited hyper-partisan guy than him. He ran around the world undermining the Bush administrationand was rewarded for it with adulation and a cheap prize from Bush-haters in Europe.

But Carter is correct about one thing; yes, the divisions over health care and other Obama initiatives are “unprecedented” — and there’s good reason. Because collectively, they will do unprecedented harm to our freedoms, our economy, and the relationship between the government and the governed. Obama and the radical left are determined to “fundamentally transform” this country in freedom-killing ways that the majority of its citizens don’t want. Liberty is worth fighting for.

So damned rightthere’spartisan opposition; there ought to be!And until liberals are once again out of power,there will be more partisan divides — and that’s a promise, you guys.

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