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Rush’s Morning Update: What It Takes
March 23, 2010

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Yesterday, my friends, America was free. But whenObama signs his name, his health care takeover is law of the land. Those hoping that Bart Stupak and the “pro-life” Democrats would halt the march to government-run medicine should have listened. Youwe warned: Stupak is a Democrat, and would vote Democrat in the end. There was no doubt.

As they promised, the Democrats did whatever it took to win. Their most infamous bribes were “the Louisiana Purchase,””the Cornhusker Kickback,””the Gator-Aide,” and “the Bismarck Bank Job,” but we may never know the full extent of their sleazy deal-making. Two days before the vote, Congressman Judas– I mean, Stupak– got 30 pieces of silver in the form of $730,000 for Michigan airports.

Americans made it clear they wanted no part of this takeover. But despite the town halls, despite thephone calls, the rallies, and marches in opposition, and the election of the 41st vote –Scott Brown of Massachusetts — Democrats rammed it down our throats anyway. Massive tax increases are only the beginning of economic destruction the law will bring.The cost to liberty is incalculable.

The Democrat health care takeover is a milestone in the relentless, hundred-year march of liberalism, but the fight is not over. This fraudulent law will not go unchallengedin the courts,norat the ballot box.

Every congressperson with a (D) next to his or her name represents a threat to freedom and prosperity. In 2010, and in 2012, it is your turn to do whatever it takes to defend your freedoms, and your country.

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