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RUSH: So Obama keeps saying, ‘After a century of trying we now have’ health insurance? What? Maybe the Democrats tried. Maybe they invoked Teddy Roosevelt — who if he was around today would surely wonder about a new massive spending bill — but what Obama is really saying, my dear friends, is, ‘We statists try to force this on the people for a hundred years and we finally did it — against your will!’ That’s what he’s saying, because that’s who he’s been waging war against. If they have a victory the victory is against us! No question. Here’s how I ended the program yesterday, talking to a caller who was very frustrated about all of this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: And you’re really distressed because there may not be that there’s a pro-life church, anymore. The left is taking over every institution. They have to be stopped, and it’s about time, maybe… You know, I’m not trying to be Pollyannaish and look at the bright side of this (because I don’t, frankly, see many) but one of them is: Don’t doubt me anymore! It’s out in front of your eyes! Believe what you see, believe what you hear. It is real! The Catholic Church has a bunch of leftists in it who would just as soon destroy the church and remake it, as the government has liberals in it who want to remake our government and destroy the Constitution. Liberals are liberals. They do not value institutions until they run them and remake them in their own way, and nothing is sacred. Not the Catholic Church, not the Methodist Church. Nothing! Zilch, zero, nada. I shouldn’t have to say this, especially after this weekend. The real challenge — and it’s hard; I know it’s hard — is you can’t believe that we’ve elected people to run this country who don’t like it. Well, we did, but not on purpose. They were fooled, lied to, defrauded, everything else. So it’s out there right in the open for everyone to see and take note of. They don’t deserve to win another election ever. The country cannot withstand them winning another major election. Don’t doubt me.

RUSH: And you just heard Stacy from the insurance industry in Atlanta who called here and said that her assessment, along with many of her colleagues, is that her industry has two on three years left. We’ve been warning of this for a number of months, that these premium increases are on purpose because what Obama and all these Democrats want is single payer — and the single payer is the government. No insurance companies at all, no insurance companies. Single payer! We’ve played you the sound bites of Obama saying so. Now, he knows — they’re smart enough to know — that if they actually came out and said, ‘By January 1st of 2011, we’re just going to eliminate insurance companies,’ they’re never going to get away with that. They have to do it in a way that nobody would believe that’s the end result. Nobody will believe it.

Just like you can’t believe we’ve elected somebody doesn’t like the Constitution, doesn’t like the country, it’s hard to believe we’ve elected somebody really wants to put an entire industry out of business. It just doesn’t jive with what people think of their own country. But if she’s right when she said to us that the major premium increases that we all know are coming are not going to hit until January — because that’s when group policies renew) and that the increases are going to be 300% to handle all of the new demands that government, via Obamacare, is putting on the insurance companies — here’s what’s going to happen. The minute those policy renewals hit, and the 300% increase hits instead of the $2500 premium reduction that Obama promised, Obama will take to the airwaves.

(impression) ‘We came up the best comprehensive insurance reform plan ever, and we tried to fix this. But these are most greedy people ever! These people, why, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. These people have done everything they can to take advantage of this wonderful plan that we put forth. They have so much greed, so much greed! They have no care for anybody else.’ He’ll just act shocked. That’s when they dump all over the — when you’re just as mad at them. Taking advantage, they think, of what you don’t know: That Obama’s health care plan caused this. They’re banks on the fact that the State-Controlled Media will not tell you anything about this. They’re banking on the fact that the people that do tell you about this are going to be able to be characterized as kooks and alarmists and scaremongers, so that when these massive premium increases hit, Obama — and it’s not just going to be Obama.

It’s going to be Pelosi. It’s going to be Reid. He’s going to have all these people running around saying, ‘I can’t believe these insurance companies. After we put together the most comprehensive reform to reduce premiums, to cover everybody and to fix all these problems, this greed! We have never seen this,’ and then they’ll make the move to get rid of them, ’cause what they want is no insurance industry anyway, private insurance industry. They want single payer, pure and simple.


RUSH: Here’s George in Hartford, Connecticut, glad you called. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush. There’s one word for the Republicans, and that’s ownership. They have to, between now and November, make sure the Democrats own this health care bill. There wasn’t one Republican in the House that voted for it and now they’re using reconciliation in the Senate. So every day, you don’t need to be negative and no, all’s you need to know is they own this bill, it’s their name on it, they’re the ones that came up with this crappy bill and they have to make sure that every single day that’s what they talk about. In the reelection campaign, when they’re talking and they’re debating these Democrats, they have to be firm that you own it, you created it, and you’re responsible for it. And if the Republicans do that, Rush, I really feel that we’ll be successful in 2010.

RUSH: Well, we understandably have a lot of people who agree with that, and I don’t disagree with it, but what if, as we just learned from The Politico, that none of the really bad stuff that anybody would not want to lay claim for owning really kicks in immediately?

CALLER: Right. And that’s probably by design, and I mean everything’s calculated with this administration. But they have to say your insurance rates will go up in 2011, they will in just a short month-and-a-half —

RUSH: Actually, I think they have been. The Republicans have been pretty good, they’ve held firm in the House and the Senate. There’s not a whole lot the Republicans could have done beyond what they did and they’ve been pretty good at educating people about what’s in the bill. People know insurance premiums are coming up. The polling data on the bill wouldn’t be as bad for the Democrats as it is if the Republicans weren’t doing something right. A CNN poll, 59% don’t want the bill. Forty-six percent disapprove of Obama. Well, this is happening for a host of reasons, but not because the Republicans are being silent. The Republicans are, I think on this, I gotta say we’ve been pretty proud of them, especially the Republicans in the House. Republicans in the House deserve some kudos here.

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