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RUSH: Our insurance company representative, Stacy, did have to go into her meeting. We’ll be calling her back at 1:30, 25 minutes from now. If you missed, she has been regularly calling us over the past six months. She always goes to some secret location in Atlanta, in Georgia to make the phone call to protect herself, but she’s been telling us from the insurance company perspective just what’s headed their way and thus ours. Remember, now, she’s the one that started all this Costa Rica businesses, which is hilarious. She called here one day and said that her company had come up with a way to stay in business after this was fully implemented, and that is to set up clinics that they would own jointly with medical groups in Costa Rica and they would sell insurance policies to Americans and the policy would include airfare to and from Costa Rica for treatment when necessary.

I never forget things, and some weeks later I had some guy on the phone scared to death, ‘What are you going to do?’ ‘Cause everybody, you know, if I’m going to do it, they want to follow me, everybody wants to be me. ‘What are you going to do?’ I said, ‘I’m going to Costa Rica.’ But I didn’t explain the context of it, I didn’t take the time to tell the guy, I just assumed everybody listening to the show would remember her saying that, so all the liberals are offering to pay my way to Costa Rica, one-way ticket. (laughing) You know what I think I’m going to do? I think they’ve got some website, ATicketforRush.com. Brian, have you seen it? What they’re doing is they’re asking people to donate one buck to get first class airfare from Palm Beach to Costa Rica for me to go, and if they collect more than is necessary for the one-way ticket they’re going to give whatever is unnecessary to Planned Parenthood. If I refuse to go, they’re still going to give the money to Planned Parenthood.

What I’m thinking of doing is saying, ‘Okay, I’ll take it. I’ll take your money for your ticket and I’ll put this Marcelas kid on it that Obama had at the signing ceremony today. I’ll send Marcelas down, since his mother died under health care plans created by Democrats. Ted Kennedy, Medicare, Medicaid, all the existing health care system failed his mother and we had nothing to do with it. So send Marcelas down there to get some treatment whenever he needs it.’ Of course I’ll pay for his return trip, too.


RUSH: It’s ATicketforRush.com. (laughing) These people are sending me so many e-mails. ‘Hey, Rush, are you man of your word, are you gonna leave the country and go to Costa Rica? We so hope you’re a man of your word.’ Oh, they’re very nice e-mails. I could broadcast anywhere in the world, including New Zealand. And, by the way, I get e-mails from people in New Zealand saying, ‘What happened to us?’ (interruption) Is that all they’ve raised? Are you kidding me? This is pathetic. ATicketforRush has only raised $1,400. They’re asking people to donate a dollar each. Folks, don’t call ’em, don’t do this because the money is going to Planned Parenthood, that’s the ultimate trick for this, but $1,400. (laughing) I gotta tell you something, you guys at ATicketforRush, 1,400 bucks won’t even buy a bottle of wine on my plane. You guys have so far to go. In fact, I refuse to fly commercial. If you guys really want to get me to leave for Costa Rica, I don’t even want to tell you how much it would cost you. (interruption) Well, $1,400, I don’t know how many abortions that is at Planned Parenthood because I, frankly, have never priced one, Snerdley. This is something about which I’m happy to admit ignorance.

All I know is that Obama did not sign the executive order today, he didn’t sign it, there is no executive order. Stupak was always going to vote for this. This was just about getting him some face time for his own aggrandizement.

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