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RUSH: Barney Frank, Good Morning America today, was asked this question: ‘Do you believe that you or members of your caucus are in real danger this morning?’

FRANK: I don’t at this point. I will tell you in my own case, when people harp on my sexual orientation, I get more after death threats than death threats. They tell me what’s going to happen to me through all eternity and I very much doubt their ability to influence that. Even if it doesn’t reach the point of somebody being threatened, they don’t know that. There have been people who — who shot other people. There have been bombings, but even if it doesn’t reach that level it’s an effort to kind of hijack the debate by coercive elements.

RUSH: Look, I’m not going to sit here and repeat everything I’ve said today ’til I’m blue in the face, but you all know that the bomb throwers and the anarchists and the assassins are people of the left. They are liberals, leftist radicals who do all the things that he’s just described, shoot people, bombings. Name for me a conservative riot, period, and then name for me where somebody blew up something. It doesn’t happen. Now, the president has a good friend of his that blew up the Pentagon and is still not sorry for that. Barney Frank then continued. He wasn’t finished.

FRANK: We’ve been trying, many of us, to get junior high school students to stop the bullying. My state of Massachusetts unanimously, Republicans and Democrats, voted an anti-bullying bill. Well, then the kids turn on, they see members of Congress engaging in that kind of activity or cheering it on when two people disrupted the proceedings on Sunday by shouting from the balcony, which is really an undermining of the fundamentals of democracy.

RUSH: Oh, come on! We can’t object. We cannot dissent from what you’re doing without undermining the fundamentals of Democracy. The undermining of the fundamentals of democracy is something, Mr. Frank, you signed, you voted for, because the real death threat to this country is Obamacare. Yesterday after a meeting at the White House, here’s Barney Frank talking about large banks. Listen to this.

FRANK: There are going to be death panels enacted by the Congress this year, but they’re death panels from large financial institutions that can’t make it. We’re going to put them to death and we’re not going to do very much for their heirs.

RUSH: Barney Frank, relishing the new power he’s going to have to put companies he doesn’t like out of business, to kill ’em, and not do much for their heirs, meaning their customers. He is indeed the Banking Queen.

(playing of Banking Queen song)

RUSH: Okay, payback time I had to call attention to the fact that KC and the Sunshine Band, played twice in a bumper rotation we get Rinky Dink, 1959, I believe. Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez. You know, it’s a Barney song, too, Rinky Dink. It does remind you of the old roller skating music that you would play when you’re falling on your butt, the rubber ball in your back pocket so it wouldn’t hurt.

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