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“It’s an all-out war on prosperity and it shows no signs of letting up.”

“Health insurance is now becoming nothing more than a public utility. But if you can wait until you get sick to insure yourself and get full coverage, you’re not talking about insurance — you’re talking about private sector subsidies.”

“The White House probably has a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner that they don’t dare let the press see, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere: ‘Mission Accomplished’ — more and more dependence!”

“Pelosi said that any insurance company that raises premiums will not be allowed to enter the federal exchange. Folks… I don’t know how to describe this. Stalinist?”

“I don’t believe what I’m seeing, folks. I’m seeing a brunette on the Fox News Channel. They actually have one there, a brunette. Maybe it’s just April Fools and that’s their trick.”

“Obama is the equivalent of the Slaughter rule when it comes to creating jobs. He deems himself a job creator, when clearly he’s anything but that.”

“Anybody who trusts the Democrats after what we have just been through is nothing more than an April fool on every aspect of Obama’s agenda.”

“To paraphrase Biden, this scheme was a big F-ing scheme, but like most government schemes, unintended consequences hit the fan sooner rather than later.”

“I signed up for the big iPad, so once again, it’s people like me who go out and buy the most expensive version, which makes the cheaper version affordable for everybody else. But that won’t last long, folks, because nobody in this country is going to have disposable income before Obama is through.”

“We are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world, and the fact of the matter is that the biggest threat we now face is internal: Our own radical left.”

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