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RUSH: From CNNMoney.com: ‘Private-sector employers continued to cut jobs in March, highlighting the challenges still facing the nation’s job market, according to a report released Wednesday. Automatic Data Processing, which processes paychecks for one in every six US employees, said private-sector employers cut payrolls by 23,000 jobs in March. It was the smallest monthly decline since February 2008.’ Now, about this, the census workers finally get tabulated, the temporary workers, on the unemployment calculation, and they’re gonna report tomorrow — I think the advance word is a net gain for the first time since 2007, a net gain of jobs. I want to warn you that they’re going to go nuts over it, ‘Oh, it’s finally working, Obama, the stimulus.’ It’s not. It’s just temporary workers, government workers. Private sector unemployment continues to rise, and even with the 100,000 census workers that are going to be totaled — and that’s just this month, there are over a million of them that are going to be eventually totaled on the employment rolls, but they’re temporary, the fact of the matter is, unemployment is going to be reported as 9.8%, up one-tenth of a percentage point. That’s the best guesstimate now.

So the private sector continues to shrink by design and on purpose. ‘The number of job cuts in February from the private sector survey revised to a loss of 24,000 jobs from the previously reported 20,000. The decline surprised many economists.’ It always does, I don’t care what the news is. ‘Economists surveyed by Briefing.com had forecast a gain of 40,000 jobs,’ instead of the loss of 24,000. ‘American businesses are on the cusp of recovery, yet this report shows that they remain hesitant to increase their payrolls.’ Well, why would that be? This is Gary Butler, who is the chief executive of ADP, the big paycheck company. Well, let’s take his sentence here at face value. ‘American businesses are on the cusp of recovery, yet this report shows that they remain hesitant to increase their payrolls.’ Now, why would that be, if they’re on the cusp?


RUSH: No less than Tim Geithner, the tax cheat and the Treasury secretary has admitted that Barack Obama is a failure when it comes to job creation in the private sector.

GEITHNER: The unemployment rate is still terribly high and it’s gonna stay unacceptably high for a long period of time. It’s going to take a long time to bring it down just because of the damage caused by the recession.

RUSH: Which was exacerbated by you. So as we have been telling you, high unemployment rate, setting us up, the new normal, nine and a half, ten percent unemployment, maybe even higher. We all know that the stimulus bill was and is a slush fund for the Democrats. The War on Prosperity, which is exactly what is happening here, and I got story in the stack here that some economists are saying it may be 20 years before America resumes the prosperity that we witnessed in the twentieth century, maybe two decades for this to happen. The War on Prosperity is being orchestrated from the White House, millions of Americans are out of work, and Obama is unfazed, literally unfazed. Obama has no empathy, shows no emotion, no concern for the plight of these people, no concern that his own policies are causing this. In fact, this is how dependency is created. In the White House they probably got a ‘mission accomplished’ banner that they don’t dare let the press see, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere, ‘mission accomplished.’ More and more dependence is on tap. This is how you weaken and destroy the private sector.

Remember, the unemployment rate, news is going to come out tomorrow and we’re going to hear all these new jobs, oh, yeah, and everybody is going to be applauding, but remember, they are census workers, government workers and they are temps. Private sector employment continues to fall. Obama promised three and a half million jobs, 90% in the private sector when he signed the Porkulus bill. It was a lie. He knew it. This is why Obama says he’s for expanding nuclear power and offshore drilling. See, what he’s doing here, folks, Obama is deeming himself to be conservative. He’s deeming himself a concerned moderate Democrat. But really, Obama is the equivalent of the Slaughter Rule when it comes to creating jobs. He deems himself a job creator, when clearly he’s anything but that, except when it comes to government jobs. Never forget, Obama is a radical leftist. He’s nothing other than that. The media is desperate to spin him as a moderate.

All of these environmentalist wackos that are up in arms here over the new drilling, he’s playing them for saps and suckers, too. I doubt that they’re in on the game. This is like a Sister Souljah moment. Nothing better in the world for a bunch of leftist environmentalists wackos to be mad at Obama, right? And you environmentalist wackos, you ought not get mad, you ought not waste your time. You’re not going to have anything other than what you want. You’re gonna get your cap and trade agreement, the unions are probably going to get card check if people take their eye off the ball, he’s going to do everything he can to get all this. I think the psychology here, maybe Obama has learned from the rigorous health care debate that he must slow down the role of government and turn it into something oriented toward expanding the private sector, like nuclear power and oil drilling. But anybody who trusts Democrats after what we have just been through, anybody who trusts Democrats is nothing more than an April Fool, on every aspect of Obama’s agenda.

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