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RUSH: We’ll start in Purcellville, Virginia. This is Tosca. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: So you want to hear my point. I think that by federalizing student loan programs Obama can manipulate future doctors.

RUSH: How so?

CALLER: Well one reason, doctors will no longer be able to use (unintelligible) debt, which we know all medical students have to take out huge amounts of debt, they can’t use that as a reason to justify high income because once the federal government can use debt forgiveness as kind of the carrot-and-stick approach to control where doctors practice, how much they can practice, how much they can make, so he’s got leverage, so I think that’s kind of the back door reason why student loans was attached to this —

RUSH: It makes sense. I wouldn’t apply it to just doctors, though. I mean if the student loan program is being run by the federal government and you borrow money from the government and they can determine how much you’re going to pay back, they can forgive the loan, they can only require you to pay 10% of it back if you’re a hardship case and make you love the government even more, they can basically just give you the money. I mean we’re already bankrupt. You know, what’s printing a couple of hundred million dollars for student loans and making all these students love Obama and love the Democrat Party? And then for people that are getting student loans that Obama doesn’t love like Republicans, make ’em pay it back, high interest, or make ’em satisfy other conditions in order to get the money, like the troublesome students, people that are vitriolic in the classroom. This is a $70 billion hit to the banking business out there, Obama has just taken the program over, this was in the health care bill.

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