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Rush’s Morning Update: On Notice
April 6, 2010

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A lengthy puff piece in Sunday’s Washington Post praised Supreme Court Justice John Stevens, who at age 90, is openly contemplating retirement. According to The Post, only 1 percent of the population can identify him by name, so let meexplain that Stevens is the Court’s senior justice, with over 34 years on the bench. More significantly, he leads the court’s liberal wing.

Alot of people thinkSupreme Court justices are above partisanship.Stevens isn’t; he puts it right on the table. Barack Obama is a “very competent president” to make Supreme Court nominations, he said,and he promised to retire while Obama is “still president.”

Now, since liberals are busy preparing for the Stevens retirement,let’s prepour response. No matter which ultra-liberal Obama appoints to fill Stevens’ shoes, that liberal had better face fierce, unyielding, uncompromising opposition.

Every single conservative nominee to the Court has been hit with a no-holds-barred, below-the-belt confirmation attack from liberals. Every kitchen sink and pubic hair they could dig up or lie about was thrown at them. I mean, even when liberals were in the minority they marshalled their power to bottle up conservative nominees in the Senate. They denied qualified nominees, like Miguel Estrada, a seat on the bench.

Sure, the Government-Controlled Mediawill smear Republicans as obstructionists, and demand “bipartisanship” for the chosen liberal, butforget that!We are in an ideological war to save this country;every battle counts.

So libs:you areon notice. Expect a fight… and ahuge one.

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