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“Listen to me. This is a close election. It is not the landslide that you are being force-fed daily in the Drive-By Media.”

“Remember Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention? He said his father always said, ‘Hey, champ, when you get knocked down, get up.’ The problem is, it’s always Biden knocking himself down.”

“Pretty much what Obama is going to do is punish every achiever he can find. I don’t care how much income you earn, you’re going to be punished for earning it.”

“It’s one of the most frustrating and silliest notions ever that the Democrats are the party of compassion. Compassion, to the Democrats, has been defined not by how many people no longer need assistance, but by how many people get it.”

“Where’d this notion that Sarah Palin’s hurting the campaign get started? Sarah Palin’s not doing anything but helping. Sarah Palin is the salvation of this campaign.”

“We have two weeks to go before the election, and the campaign has reached the point the Obama campaign feared the most: foreign policy. Thank you, Joe Biden.”

“Colin Powell said the Republican Party’s getting ‘too narrow’. Too narrow? The Republican Party, Secretary Powell, has been out trying to attract people like you!”

“If you are a Republican in Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, or Florida, start voting. Now is not the time to cede this advantage to ACORN and the Democrats who are trying to engage in a fraudulent election.”

“Madeleine Albright and this Gibbs guy, an Obama flak, are not exactly inspiring confidence here, are they? They’re telling us we’re still going to suck in a world that sucks and there’s nothing that we can do about it because we suck because of eight years of Bush.”

“No political party or politician can make your life meaningful — you have to do it yourself.”

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