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RUSH: I was having an e-mail exchange late last night. I was up very, very late. I’m getting questions from people: ‘You haven’t talked about your new dog in a while, is everything okay?’ Well, yeah, everything’s fine, dog just turned a year. If I embarked on a little dog story, can you imagine the stick-to-the issues e-mails I would get? But we love this dog, Old English Sheepdog named Abbey, and look, my dog, maybe it hates animals ’cause it barks at the ducks in our pool. We have a couple ducks that have taken up residence in the pool. Abbey goes out there and barks at them and they just quack back.

They don’t fly off, they just quack quack back at her, and she woof, woof, woofs, and eventually gets tired of it. She grabs her toys, brings ’em to my feet wherever I am, starts barking, she wants to play fetch. Funniest dog I have ever seen, just looking at her, don’t have to do anything, just the funniest looking dog because sheepdogs, you can’t see their eyes, hair covers them. Those ears perk up, she’s about 50 pounds now, and she’s still got one full year to grow. But she’s the most lovable dog, doesn’t have any idea how strong or how big — (interruption) no, I don’t have any turtles. I don’t have any turtles. Although you know what happened?

Folks, you’ll love this.

The local newspaper actually ran a story last week that a leatherback turtle laid some eggs, made a nest right by my swimming pool, saying the turtles must have seen your ad in our paper. I ran a full-page ad welcoming the turtles and so forth, Turtle Preservation Society of Palm Beach. Now, my pool is not that close to the nest. You gotta walk through the dune to get to the beach where the nest is, but they say it’s right out there. It’s right out there. (laughing) I’m not making it up. I also got cited for violating the turtle light ordinance this week. I got cited by the police department, the code enforcer. I had four outside sconce lights on the lower deck that were too bright.

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