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RUSH: How long is it going to be before the media starts blaming the regime for the mine collapse in West Virginia like they did Bush? They’re not gonna blame the regime, I know, but they did blame Bush for the Sago mine disaster, they blamed Bush, no investigation, no oversight, Department of Labor didn’t care about the working man, only cared about big business. Well, here you got a guy, and they’re really running this Massey CEO through the coal, folks, they’re making this guy out to be the second coming of some world tyrant. Now, the regime has been in power here for over a year. How come this regime didn’t correct all the so-called mistakes of the Bush administration and get in there and make sure that these rotgut mine owners were following through on the proper regulations for safety in the mines? I’ll never forget, it was after Katrina, and they were dumping on Bush for everything. This regime, of course, gets away scot-free.


RUSH: No sooner do I ask how long is it gonna take for the media to start blaming the regime and Obama for the mine disaster in West Virginia, that I come across a blog that says the mining company CEO is a tea party guy. (laughing) They’re blaming the tea party. CBS is blaming global warming for the disaster. And others are blaming capitalism. The quest for profit is the reason for these mining disasters, or this one, of course. Greetings, folks, and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh. Glad to have you here at 800-282-2882, e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I found this at a blog called JedEckert.com, and the blogger says, ‘Apparently, the left will stoop to any level — any at all — in order to make a cheap political point. With the horrible accident ongoing and the fates of some miners still not known, the propagandists have already begun linking the West Virginia mining disaster to Tea Parties, global warming, and capitalism.’

Apparently the left will stoop to any level in order to make a cheap political point, with a horrible accident ongoing and the fates of some minors still not known the propagandists have already begun linking the West Virginia mining disaster to tea parties, global warming, and capitalism. At Crooks and Liars, they’re the ones that are putting out the notion that this guy Blankenship — by the way he’s committed another crime, too — he’s on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce. Yeah, that’s reported as though that’s a strike against him. Oh, yeah, he’s one of those guys, Chamber of Commerce guys. That means he’s for big profit at the expense of the working man. They claim that he has been involved with the tea party movement, and there’s no evidence. CBS News bashes the mine owner for denying man-made global warming. The Associated Press: ‘Big Profits Linked to Deaths.’ Salon headline: ‘How to Connect Mining Disasters and Climate Change.’ This is perfectly understandable. Every event, every catastrophe is somehow linked to an agenda item of the regime’s. There’s no rest. There’s not a moment’s rest that we can take.

RUSH: All right, audio sound bite time. These people, I don’t have a word that aptly describes my disgust for the State-Controlled Media. CNBC Street Signs, this is yesterday, Erin Burnett speaking with the chief White House Washington correspondent John Harwood about the mine explosion in West Virginia. Erin Burnett says, ‘We are learning more about the political influence of the company involved in the mine explosion. John, what have you found out about Massey?’

HARWOOD: We’ve just got new numbers from the Center for Responsive Politics showing that Massey and its executives and its political action committee have contributed more than $300,000 to federal candidates since 1990, not all to Republicans but mostly to Republicans at a time in which Republicans have been coming on strong in the state of West Virginia. That includes $30,000 last fall to the National Republican Senatorial Committee at a time when the Republican Party was trying to make a come back against Democrats. This is certain to be an issue in the wake of this mining disaster, and this is something that we’re going to be following in the days to come. The Obama administration is trying to push back on regulation.

RUSH: Now, what the hell here? We’re going to blame Republicans for this? It was Bush’s fault at the Sago mine. Now we’re gonna blame this guy for contributing to Republicans because I guess Republicans fought new regulations? And now the Obama regime is angry? Has the Obama regime not been in office for over a year, have they not had their own labor board people in there? I’ll tell you, I don’t have a word to describe my disgust for these people. Every damn thing that happens gets politicized. I tell you what, folks, they are purposely dividing this country to create the chaos and the unrest that exists.

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