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Rush’s Morning Update: Out in the Cold
April 8, 2010

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Apparently, theDemocrats left two key items out of their massive health care takeover. This has been revealed by events in Philadelphia.

Nurses and other health professionals in the City of Brotherly Love are feeling no love from Temple University Hospital. Their contract expired last September, and about 1,500 of them have been picketing since March.

The union has two grievances. First, the hospital wants to eliminate a union perk: free tuition for union members’ children. Temple University CEO Sandy Gomberg explains that without that tuition freebie, the hospital could put an additional $5.5 million toward patient care. But the union wants the perk!To hell with patients!

The second issue is even more controversial. The hospital has proposed a “non-disparagement” clause to prevent union members from defaming the hospital. The union says that violates their free speech rights.

Now, how could these outrages happen? I mean, everybody knows that loading up unions with every benefit known to man– and nurse– is a civil right.Pennsylvania has two Democrat senators;other Democrats got special kickbacks for their states… why didn’t Senators Specterand Casey demand that hospitals be required to pay full tuition for employee kids? And how can we have a truly comprehensive health care takeover that doesn’t allow decent unionpeople to disparage the hospitals they work at?

You know, the more the hardcore Democrats discover what’s really in– and what’s been left out of– this health care bill, the more reasons they’re going tohave to hate it, too… and then they might join us for a while.

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