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RUSH: Chris in Livonia, Michigan, as we head back to the phones. Thank you for waiting, sir, and hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, 24/7 dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey listen, I was at lunch today and in the little diner I was at they had a TV going with CNN on it and they had this program they were running ‘The Catholic Church in Crisis.’ It was running at least 40 minutes and it looked like it was going to go on all afternoon. And I just wanted your opinion. It seems like this is a rehash of, you know, old news. Believe me, I’m not defending what went on in the Catholic Church at all, either on behalf of the church or the priests, but it just feels like this might be retribution for the Catholic bishops stepping up against — and speaking out against — Obamacare. Just wanted your thoughts on that.

RUSH: Well, I think that’s part of it. You’re right to say the Catholic Church is not innocent here. But this is really one diocese in Wisconsin that everybody is all bent out of shape here, underwear in a wad over this. Added on to what they learned in Boston and so forth. What really is going on here is that the forces of the left are in the process of trying to tear down and destroy every institution in America that stands for something other than big government, other than liberal Democrats. The Catholic Church is despised by the left because of its abortion stance. It is despised because it is a religion other than the earth. It is a religion other than liberalism. So they’re full-court press in trying to discredit the church. What they’re gonna end up doing, though… Some guy just said, ‘If we bail out California, Washington gets more powerful.’ If the pope finally figures out, ‘You know what? These local Catholic churches in their areas, the dioceses, can’t control themselves. We’re going to have to step in,’ the Vatican may end up getting more powerful here.


RUSH: It could be a dual-edged sword for these people trying to destroy the church.

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