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RUSH: I’m getting bombarded with this, people are genuinely upset. This guy that threatened Pelosi, he’s not all there mentally. KGO Television in San Francisco is reporting that the mother of this — his name is Greg Giusti — the mother, Eleanor Giusti, is 83, believes that he got his radical ideas from watching Fox News. And that’s what’s being reported. So they are now criminalizing Fox News; they’re trying to criminalize talk radio. Let me ask you a question. What did Fox News do except tell the truth about the health care bill? Do you people in the White House, do you people in the media, do you ever stop to consider that you have an intelligent, informed electorate who simply doesn’t like being raped, and being raped is what is happening to people in this country by their government. No other way to put this.

Do you think it’s quite possible that people know what’s happened here, they know the financial condition of the country, they know this can’t be sustained, they know that this government is governing against their will, they know that 55% oppose this, and you expect them not to be mad? You think it takes a Fox News or talk radio to work ’em up? They’re worked up on their own. These are Americans. They’re far more informed of what’s going on than most of you in the media are. Learn it, love it, live it. And stop trying to criminalize citizenship, because it’s all that’s going on out there.

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