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RUSH: Chris Van Hollen, get this. This is in Congressional Quarterly and Roll Call: ‘House Democrats plan to revive the political ghost of former President George W. Bush in their bid to retain the majority this fall, according to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the head of the party’s re-election efforts. Van Hollen, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, on Tuesday signaled House Democrats will try to repeat their success in the last two election cycles by once again running under a change banner. ‘This time we will make the case that supporting a Republican is simply turning back the clock to Bush economic policies, the same policies that got us into this mess to begin with,’ he told reporters gathered at the downtown offices of Third Way, a centrist Democratic think tank. Republicans, Van Hollen added, ‘will I think put themselves clearly in the position where they represent the status quo and that the Democrats, while we have the White House and both houses of Congress, remain the party of change and reform.”

This man is a man consumed with his own delusion. They are intellectually, substantively bankrupt. Where exactly do the Democrats have a solid hold on the electorate? Name it. All of these polls show a much worse situation for the Democrats going into this November’s election than in November of 1994. I mean, it looks like an abject, utter disaster for these people, perhaps the worst in history, and you gotta admire the effort that he’s putting in to try to stop all this from happening. Dick Morris says they’re going to lose both the House and Senate. He’s already making that projection. They must think their BS still flies. To run against Bush two years after he left office, to say that what we have now is the Bush status quo? They really think that they’re going to succeed in blaming the disasters wrought by this regime on Bush, who hasn’t been around for two years by the time this election hits?

They really think they’re going to pull that off, so they are totally, intellectually and substantively bankrupt. They are despised. The momentum against Democrats continues to build. Look, they’ve done polling, focus groups, they are disliked; their policies are disliked. So they’re not going to run on what they’ve done and all the damage they’ve caused. They’re going to run against Bush and something called change and hope. I love it. Folks, we’re dealing here with the politically insane, both with their policies and with their campaign tactics. The US Congress may as well have been converted into an insane asylum because the people running the show in there are as off base, out of kilter, and unstable as any time in my life.

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