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RUSH: Guess what, folks? Go to audio sound bite number three. This morning in Sacramento, California, KXTV News 10, Eyeball News, the coanchor, Kelly Jackson, and the coanchor Dan Elliott reported about a comedy troupe performing in a show they call The Real Housewives of Rio Linda. Here’s the clip.

JACKSON: Five ladies from right here in our area have been hitting up comedy clubs and night spots to bring light to the actual reality of being a real housewife of Rio Linda. Although none of the women actually live in Rio Linda, Stephanie Garcia, the working housewife, explains why using that specific town is actually important to their act.

GARCIA: The economy has been hit so hard, and I think that Rio Linda has been hit hard, hard in this area. And she’s kind of like, that’s real. This is reality, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta — thatt’s not real.

JACKSON: You can catch The Real Housewives of Rio Linda this Friday at the Fat Cat Lounge in Modesto.

ELLIOTT: And while lot of people might think, ‘God, Rio Linda is not as well known as Atlanta or some of the other cities where they do that. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, a lot of folks have heard of Rio Linda who otherwise might not have.’

JACKSON: He made that a little more popular.

RUSH: I am devastated to hear that Rio Linda hasn’t changed. I thought we got property values up, but from the nature of this report, it seems like, what did they say? Rio Linda been hit real hard in this area, and that’s real. Well, I’ve tried. I guess they still have the cars jacked up on concrete blocks in the front yards, the manual roller washing machines on the porch.

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