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RUSH: Liz Cheney destroyed Obama at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last night in New Orleans. We have four sound bites.

LIZ: As we sit here today the Obama administration is putting us on the path to decline. Now, you might hear that and you might think that the opposite of that is true, that if decline is a choice, then perhaps American revival and American leadership and American predominance is also a choice. But I don’t think that is quite true. Because I think American leadership and American predominance are not just choices. Those are moral obligations. America has no choice about whether we lead or not. We must lead, because there is no other nation who has the capacity that we do because of our values, our resources, and our freedom to protect the freedoms of people all around the globe.

RUSH: Sounds great, Liz, but it’s certainly not this administration’s agenda. Which she knows, that’s what she’s talking about. By the way, Dan Balz in the Washington Post wrote about this, and he said Liz Cheney and her language makes her father look like pastel. Now, one thing I have never understood, Dick Cheney has always been soft-spoken, he’s never been a fire and brimstone guy. This is a wholly manufactured image of him but now they’re coming out, ‘Whoa, whoa, he looks pastel compared to his daughter.’ Here’s the second sound bite.

LIZ: Iran watches as this administration answers their threats with weakness, confusion, and self-serving lectures that put down America and diminish our achievements. Now that kind of talk, it could win you a Nobel prize, but it dishonors this nation and the brave men and women who have fought and died for our freedom. Here, with America’s security in the balance, Republicans and Democrats and independents should speak with one voice to this administration: President Obama, stop apologizing for this great nation and start defending her.

RUSH: Right on, right on, she got a lot of applause here. We’ve just taken that out in the interests of time. Here she blasts the regime, the naivete on nuclear weapons and Iran.

LIZ: The president’s approach to nuclear disarmament which he also unveiled this week confirms the naivete of his views about America’s enemies. Until this week any enemy of our country that might be contemplating a chemical, biological, or large-scale conventional attack against us knew they might face the worst in return, a nuclear response. We have now surrendered that powerful deterrent. In this administration’s dealings with Iran, the deadlines are meaningless, the sanctions worthless, and the speeches pointless.

RUSH: And then finally this, last night at the same thing, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

LIZ: There is a saying in the Arab world that it is more dangerous to be America’s friend than it is to be our enemy. And I fear very much that in the age of Obama, that’s proving to be true.

RUSH: Right on, and that’s a direct slap at Israel. By the way, Bibi Netanyahu has said, ‘I’m not showing up at Obama’s nuclear confab next week.’ Forty-seven countries showing up and Bibi said I’m not showing up because there’s a lot of things that they’ve learned, but among them is the fact that they were going to just blame Israel for all the problems and try to pressure them to get rid of their nuclear arsenal, which Israel has never, ever confirmed or denied that they have. And, lo and behold, the Turkish prime minister, who has sharply escalated criticism of Israel since last year’s war in Gaza, said that he would demand at the summit that Israel disarm as part of a nuclear free Middle East. Israel must disarm while nobody is stopping Iran from arming up. And Obama’s not doing anything to stop Iran. I mean they talk about tough sanctions but there aren’t going to be any tough sanctions. Is Pakistan going to disarm? Is India going to disarm? Nobody is going to disarm, except maybe us. I mean this is how ridiculous this is.

Somebody advanced a theory to me today, I’ll run it by you. I think it’s a long shot. The theory is, yeah, this is why Obama is not gonna stand in the way of Iran getting its nukes. When Iran gets its nukes, then Obama’s going to go in and say, ‘All right, enough, both of you, Iran, Israel, disarm, give ’em up,’ which is sophistry. The Iranians will never do that, the Russians will never do that, nobody is going to disarm their nukes. I don’t care if they sign a piece of paper saying they’re going to. But Obama really is one of these water cooler idealists sitting around as an undergraduate talking with all his buddies believing the world would be better off if there weren’t any nukes, and he’s promised in his campaign a nuclear free world. That’s one of the things he’s going to work on and he really thinks the world will go along if we show the way, if we, as a leader, if we take lead in this, then the rest of the world will follow. Now, Adolf Hitler promised to disarm back in the 1930s. Gorbachev promised to get rid of all of his nukes, if we met some Draconian sets of conditions, Reagan said, screw you. That was at Reykjavik.


RUSH: Ringwood, New Jersey, Gary, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. It’s an honor speaking with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I want to speak about Syria. It seems that all the attention has been on Iran, and this has been going on I’d say for the last three or four years. I watch The History Channel, I watch A&E, and I saw a program about three or four years ago about an underground tunnel where they actually believe those weapons of mass destruction could have gone into Syria from Iraq. And then in 2008, it actually was found that Syria was building a reactor and Israeli jet fighters took that reactor out. So I’m kind of like a little confused why all this attention is on Iran. I know Iran is a serious threat. But Syria is a very quiet country, we don’t know too much about that regime at all. It’s closed off. And I think that we should start exposing them —

RUSH: Well.

CALLER: — because I think they have some severe hatred toward Israel, more so than Iran.

RUSH: Syria is said to be one of Iran’s puppets, and of course you’ve got Mahmoud Ahmadinejad verbalizing his threats, I mean he’s out there promising to wipe Israel off the map and rid the world of the United States of America. Bashar Assad, as you point out, is not saying anything, not doing anything. I don’t know what the regime’s relationship, diplomatic relationship is with Syria. I’ve heard the stories, too, about the weapons of mass destruction headed into Syria, but I don’t know anymore. Apparently the story is that Saddam was lying about it, making it up, just to try to scare the Iranians from attacking him and thinking we would never do anything about it, never take it seriously. But as far as Syria goes, look, they’re a bad actor and everybody knows it, and what they really want to do, Syria wants to be the main player over there in whatever final peace agreement is reached, and they work behind the scenes, agitating and stirring things up. Back when the king of Jordan was alive, not the current king, he wanted to play the fundamental role. He wanted to be involved. Of course, Jordan is peaceful, mostly, an ally of the United States, mostly. We film all of our Iraq movies there. We film many of our Middle Eastern movies in the deserts of Jordan. Oh, yeah, absolutely true.

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