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“I don’t want to go through O.J. again and I don’t want to go through the Clintons again. I just do not.”

“It always comes down to me, doesn’t it? I’m the one that has to clean up all the Drive-By news messes, and what they did with this Alan Greenspan book over the weekend is a mess that needs to be cleaned up el quicko, and I will.”

“Mrs. Clinton is unveiling her new socialist health care program right now as this program is underway, no doubt hoping we will carry her remarks. Fat chance.”

“I literally cannot stand the fact that we might have to go through a whole new episode with O.J. Simpson.”

“It was embarrassing for me to have to ride in a van, but I didn’t say anything about it. I dutifully got in there and just counted the seconds ’til we got out of the thing.”

“I’ll tell you what, I may get a hernia trying to smoke this cigar. The draw on this thing is so tight today, I may have to… (puff) Did you see that? Do you see what a big draw I’m taking? There’s hardly any smoke coming out of that. That’s not good.”

“All of these people that worked with Clinton — like Rubin and Madeleine Albright, you name ’em — as Clinton’s legacy goes, so go theirs. They’ve got as much of a selfish reason to want their legacies to be good as they do Clinton’s. They are inexorably linked.”

“The criticism of Bush in Greenspan’s book, by the way, is sensible! It’s about the overspending. It’s about not vetoing spending bills. It has nothing to do with anything other than that in the book, anyway.”

“I always told people that the Clintons were a team, that Clinton himself had to be the one to get the votes, and so he had to appear moderate. He had to appear centrist. He had to appear in the middle. Hillary was doing all the really far-left, extreme dirty work: picking the judicial nominees and the cabinet heads and all this sort of stuff.”

“Oil is the blood of a free society in this country. There’s no two ways about it. You can wish it weren’t true; you can wish it were something else; but it is what it is.”

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