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“If Congress is not covered by their current insurance plan, who’s gonna pay for Harry Reid’s hemorrhoid surgery? I say that only because he looks like he’s running around in pain.”

“If Barney Frank were a Republican, ladies and gentlemen, he would have experienced Mark Foley’s fate.”

“Here you have it from the Obama science advisor, John Holdren: ‘We can’t expect to be number one in everything indefinitely.’ Why not? This bunch is happily presiding over America’s decline.”

“Obama thinks that the golden goose is always going to be golden. It’s always going to be laying golden eggs that he can grab.”

“It still amazes me that you people who despise Reagan to this day feel the need to revive him to give your little president some sort of credibility he has not earned.”

“The one thing that we have been allowed to see that Obama wrote in college at Columbia was an article supporting the nuclear freeze.”

“Freedom will never go out of style.”

“Obama is a failure. He will always be a failure because Obama does not learn from experience, from evidence, or from history.”

“If we don’t see pictures, it doesn’t happen. If they don’t show us pictures, it hasn’t happened.”

“Bribes, backroom deals, pretending the Constitution didn’t exist. That’s what pushed the health care bill over the finish line.”

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