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“There is more pollution being thrown into the sky over Western Europe today than all of the pollution emitted by every automobile owned, operated, and driven since they were invented.”

“The tea party, conservatism is not about racism. It’s all about saving America, for everybody.”

“The thing that the New York Times and Obama will never understand is that tea partiers, conservatives, want the best for everybody. These people love their country and everybody in it.”

“Obama always goes in to get the credit for compassion after whatever disaster takes place.”

“Why don’t we get polls of illegal alien rallies or the Daily Kos rallies or any of these upshot leftist rallies to find out who these people are? Because the media is not interested in finding out who they are. They are already decent Americans.”

“I will bet you that the Sulzberger family, which still controls the New York Times, is whiter and richer than the tea party ralliers.”

“The New York Times just gave its CEO a massive bonus in the midst of layoffs, firings, and reductions in profit.”

“It’s been 21 years. At some point you are going to learn: If you go up against me on a challenge of fact, you are going to be wrong. It’s just that simple.”

“Do you think the surge in foreclosures might be related to the surge in jobless claims?”

“You people in the tea party movement are not lying down. You are not turning tail and running. You are not acting intimidated. This is how they expect you to act because this is how, for the most part, Republicans have acted in Washington.”

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