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“Twenty years ago we participated in our first Cure-A-Thon. We have raised $25 million in 20 years. That’s how marvelous all of you are.”

“It’s infuriating to associate peaceful people, tea partiers,with acts of terrorism that have not happened, and yet we cannot associate real terrorists with acts that have happened because we might offend them.”

“Goldman Sachs is going to have to take a little pain here and be the public face of evil, mean, greedy Wall Street so that Obama can get some energy behind his financial regulatory reform bill which he desperately wants.”

“Mr. President, thank you for arousing the sleeping silent majority because we have been asleep too long. November is coming, Mr. President. That is when we will really thank you.”

“Not just tea party people, but a majority of all Americans, 52%, think the policies of the regime are moving the country toward socialism.”

“Do you realize how much of the creativity, the ingenuity that went into the space program has bled into everyday life, including our military? NASA was effectively a quasi-military defense program in and of itself. That’s probably another reason why the left hates it so much, because it has military applications.”

“It’s no wonder that something with genuine ingenuity, genuine entrepreneurism, genuine application to the betterment of life, it’s no mystery to me that Obama would want to shut that down. It’s just infuriating.”

The California unemployment rate in March, a new high, 12.6%. That’s what going green does for you.”

“The very regime announcing a plan to defend the middle class is the one attacking it. ‘How can you say that, Rush?’ Well, the regime is attacking the private sector. Where do you think the middle class works? Or used to.”

“‘Obama Orders Same Sex Hospital Visits.’ This is how Obamacare works in a nutshell. ‘Are you against this, Rush?’ No, no, no, no, don’t misunderstand folks. What caught my eye here is he orders it and it is so? Is that how things happen? He waves the magic wand, he orders it, and it is so.”

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