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RUSH: This is our 20th anniversary, the 20th straight year of raising money to cure leukemia and lymphoma. It’s the annual EIB Network Leukemia-Lymphoma Cure-A-Thon. I guess I should not be surprised by it anymore. We are again running ahead of last year. This is the second year. As you people know, I’m not a negative person, but I am realistic. And with the unemployment level where it is, economic activity not all that hot, prospects for future economic growth not all that hot, I wouldn’t have been surprised if we came in a little below last year’s levels.

And last year I thought the same thing, but we are exceeding last year’s levels. By the way, H.R., that e-mail you sent me, can I make that public? (interruption) Okay, okay. There are two sisters in Seattle. Or is it Oregon? Yeah, just outside. (interruption) Oh, yeah. They’re just outside of Portland. That’s right. Two sisters. We’ve mentioned them on this program before. They sent me a gorgeous bronze sculpture of a pelican that we have back there, and they have done this a couple prior occasions. They have matched — just last hour, they have matched — my donation, which started at $250,000 in the first hour and then the level of contributions you all made were making me look like a piker so I upped it to $400,000 the second hour and they’ve matched that. So we’re w-w-way ahead of the game as we were last year.

So thanks to the two sisters. They know that I know who they are. But they don’t want their names mentioned, obviously. They’re not in this for the glory. Nobody is. They’re in this for the results. They’re in this for the work that is being done to flight blood cancers of all kinds, and all kinds of progress is being made. This new immunotherapy project for the most common form of adult leukemia, CLL, this really dazzles me. They’re just in stage one trials here. But what they have discovered is that cancer cells in CLL become immune to treatment after awhile. So these cells are extracted from the body, they are genetically modified to prod the body’s own immune system to destroy them, and then they are infused back into the patient. Now in phase one trials, the first two patients now have no detectable cancer cells eight months later.

Ten more patients are needed to complete phase one trials, but these are the same kinds of amazing results that experience with Gleevec, and Gleevec is something that has been developed and is now used during the lifespan of the 20 years of our Cure-A-Thon here. So this is another milestone development. It’s phase one still, but it’s very, very promising. That’s huge. And the premiums, once again. (interruption) Yes, Snerdley, I get all three premiums for my — and so did the sisters. Yes. Here are the premiums: $70 donation, a special edition EIB T-shirt, has the EIB microphone radiating brilliantly on the front, one-size-fits-all. For $100 you get that T-shirt as well as a premium Rush golf hat. It’s fully adjustable, navy blue with a red star and my signature across the front in white. For 340 bucks, the real ClimaCool type golf shirt. High quality, moisture wicking, quick dry technology. It is white, navy color, EIB logo on the breast, my signature on the sleeve. These are made to order. You can size small, medium, large, extra large, or XXL when you call or go online. The number is 877-379-8888 or you can donate online at RushLimbaugh.com.

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