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RUSH: Speaking of global warming, I gotta get in a plug here for Dr. Roy Spencer and his new book. He’s our official climatologist. It’s a great cover. The cover of this book is just superb. It’s called The Great Global Warming Blunder. About half of the book is a nontechnical description of the peer-reviewed and soon-to-be-published research that Dr. Spencer is engaged in which supports the opinion that a majority of Americans already hold, and that is that warming in recent decades is mostly due to a natural cycle in the climate system, not to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning. Now, this book is surprising in a lot of ways in what it reveals about the so-called scientific community and how they are revered, when in fact they’re idiots. My word, not Dr. Spencer’s. He doesn’t refer to colleagues in such terms. (Publicly, anyway.)

But believe it or not, this potential natural explanation for recent warming means it may just be a cycle. What is so hard to believe about this? We’ve had ice ages, and we’ve had ice ages become warm periods, and there hasn’t been one thing humanity has done to create either. Yet scientists reject the cycles, just like Obama and the regime are now trying to reject and end cycles in business. Believe it or not, this natural explanation for recent warming — just natural cycle — has never been seriously researched by climate scientists. The main reason they have ignored it is that they cannot think of what might have caused it. It’s natural, yeah, but what’s causing it to get warmer? There has to be something causing it, and they focus on us. You see, climate researchers are rather myopic.

They think that the only way for global average temperatures to change is for the climate system to be forced externally by a change in the output of the sun (which they’ve rejected) or by a large volcanic eruption. These are events which occurred external to the normal internal operation of climate system. But what they have ignored is the potential for the climate system to cause its own climate change. Climate change is simply what the system does owing to its complex, dynamic, chaotic internal behavior. And as Dr. Spencer has traveled the country, he has found that the public instinctively understands the possibility that there are natural climate cycles. Unfortunately, it’s the climate ‘experts’ who have difficulty grasping the concept. So this is why Dr. Spencer has written the book. He’s taking his case to the public.

The climate research community long ago took the wrong fork in the road. Dr. Spencer is afraid it might be too late for them to come back so he’s written the book. He’s not under any illusion the book will settle scientific debate. In fact, he’s looking to genuinely start it, because what has transpired to date is not debate. It’s been political propaganda and indoctrination. So the gook is The Great Global Warming Blunder. I know you can order it off Amazon. I don’t know if it’s actually in stores now or will be this week from what I’m told. It’s a great cover here. Let me zoom in here on the book. This is going to be tough. I’m going to zoom in here. For those of you watching on the Dittocam, there is a printed version of the cover. That’s a giant iceberg. Most of it’s submerged is what that is. It’s just a great, great, great cover — and, of course, what’s between the cover, front and back and also superb as well. The Great Global Warming Blunder by Dr. Roy Spencer, official climatologist to the EIB Network.

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