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RUSH: Here’s that Megyn Kelly sound bite with Brit Hume this afternoon about Clinton and this so-called war of words.

KELLY: We’ll be watching to see whether there’s another strike from Rush Limbaugh against the former president.

HUME: That kind of stuff is good for Rush, getting into a fight with Bill Clinton. Rush will have some sport with that and his listeners will love it.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, except I didn’t start this. Another strike from me? I’m a radio guy. This is a former president of the United States who 15 years ago tried to blame me for the Oklahoma City bombing and in fact Dick Morris, I got this from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, posted it this afternoon about 1:30, Dick Morris told Sean Hannity that Bill Clinton may want to reflect on his own responsibilities for the Waco invasion because Dick Morris said that Bill Clinton personally told him that Janet Reno’s appointment to a second term as attorney general was to keep her quiet about the Waco invasion in 1993 that McVeigh claimed as his inspiration. Well, I don’t know how much credibility people place in Dick Morris. But, remember, I’ll never forget the press going to Clinton and asking about this, and he kinda, (doing Clinton impression) ‘You gotta go talk to Janet Reno. This Janet Reno deal. Go talk to the attorney general. I didn’t have much to do with this.’ And she did, she took the fall for it. She took the responsibility for it. So Clinton’s out there 15 years later now trying to say all over again that my rhetoric, he still hasn’t produced — I said, Mr. President, give me the words that inspired McVeigh to blow up the building. Nobody can give me the words because McVeigh’s own words were that it was a bunch of things culminated by Waco that made him act, not anybody’s words. But Clinton is still trying to drum up all this blame for us, tea parties, and so forth for something that hasn’t happened again. It isn’t funny.


RUSH: We have Dick Morris last night with Sean Hannity on Fox. This is a discussion about the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. And nobody has said this until Dick Morris kicked the can down the road last night, and I have to think that Slick Willie is beet red or was last night when he heard this.

MORRIS: Bill Clinton orchestrated that takeover and in fact was so ashamed about what he did in Waco that he was not going to appoint Janet Reno to a second four-year term, and she told him in a meeting right before the Inauguration Day for his new term that if you don’t appoint me I’m going to tell the truth about Waco, and that forced Clinton’s hand in reappointing her. It’s never been said before. I think that President Clinton might want to examine his own connection with the Oklahoma City bombing in terms of Waco, Clinton told me that, ‘I couldn’t not appoint Reno because she would have turned on me over Waco.’

RUSH: So what Dick Morris is saying here is that Clinton ordered the invasion. I remember the media shortly after the invasion, with the images on TV, that Branch Davidian compound being engulfed in flames, (doing Clinton impression) ‘Yeah, you gotta go talk to Janet Reno about that, I really don’t know anything about it. The attorney general, that was her call, her mission, she’s the one ordered it to save the children in there. It didn’t quite work out that way, but it’s her call.’ And now Dick Morris. One of the things that I’ve always marveled is how everything in that administration was kept under wraps. That’s the one administration where not one tell-all was written. And now here’s Morris kicking the can down the road on this, and I’m fascinated by it. Furthermore let’s go Andrew Kohut of the Pew Center. He was on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Margaret Warner was talking to him last night. ‘This level of rancor and distrust toward the government, how bad is it out there?’

KOHUT: It’s one of the low points of the past 40 years. In the post-Vietnam, post-Watergate era, from the seventies onwards, Americans are generally skeptical about government, often distrustful. With 22% of Americans saying they trust government to do what’s right all or most of the time, you’re at the level of the mid 1990s.

RUSH: Right, right.

KOHUT: You’re at the level, close to the level —

RUSH: That’s right, yeah.

KOHUT: — of the late seventies —

RUSH: Yeah.

KOHUT: — Jimmy Carter, let’s call it the Jimmy Carter malaise era.

RUSH: Right. So now Margaret Warner says, ‘Well, as we know, today is the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Now, President Clinton last week talking about the rhetoric, not about how people feel, he found the climate was similar to pre-Oklahoma City bombing. Do you find that in people’s feelings about government today?’

KOHUT: It’s very tempting to say that the poll findings here are a measure of the degree of dangerous extremism. But I think you have to take some pause, 99.999% of these people who say they’re angry are not violent and disposed to violence. People are entitled to express angry opinions.

RUSH: Whoa! Andrew Kohut throwing cold water on Clinton’s theory that it is I, with my persuasive words, inspiring you and the tea party to go blow up buildings, which you haven’t done. And here’s Andrew Kohut, ‘No, no, no, I’m sorry, but 99.999% of these people that say they’re angry are not violent and not disposed to violence.’ So Slick Willie has gotta be swimming here. First you got Dick Morris saying he’s responsible for the Waco invasion and now the respected Andrew Kohut at the Pew Center saying that the tea party people are not prone to violence at all.


RUSH: I have just been reading on the computer Clinton’s version of the Waco invasion in his book My Lie — uh, Life. And it is incredible. I’ll share with you tomorrow the relevant excerpts and I’ll do it in Clinton’s voice, because it runs so counter to what Dick Morris has said, and even Reno said. He basically blames the Branch Davidians for starting the fire and making it worse by opening the windows to get the tear gas out that the FBI had fired in there, but he said he just turned on the TV and saw it happening and had no idea that it happened. Oh, wait ’til you hear this tomorrow.

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