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RUSH: Let’s go back to Charlie Rose last night. Rahm Emanuel. This is in a different interview point. (paraphrased exchange)

Remember, our earlier sound bite, Rahm Emanuel said, ‘We didn’t know what the SEC was doing. It’s independent agency. I mean, the New York Times knew about it before we did. We didn’t know until it hit the news.’

Charlie Rose said, ‘Well, how does — how does — how does that happen?’

‘Well, it’s an independent agency.’

Charlie Rose said, ‘Well, how do you not know what the SEC is doing before the New York Times does?’

‘Well it’s an independent agency. We don’t consult with them. We don’t.’

‘Well, how did you have a website set up and buy some links from Google to take searches of ‘Goldman Sachs and SEC’ to the Obama website?’

‘Well, we didn’t know. It was an independent agency.’

‘Yeah, but how did you know to do all this so early and so well in advance?’

‘Well, it’s an independent agency. We don’t know what they do. They didn’t tell us. The New York Times knew about it before we did.’

‘Yeah, but you had all this stuff in place to take advantage of this SEC ruling — which, by the way, the vote on the SEC panel to go forward with the charges against Goldman Sachs was a strict, party-line vote. Only the Democrats on the SEC voted to go forward. The Republicans didn’t.’

‘Well, that’s perfect point. It’s an independent agency.’

‘Yeah, but only the Democrats voted to go forward after nine months.’

‘Well, that’s a coincidence. It’s just a coincidence. It’s an independent agency. We don’t coordinate. We didn’t know this was gonna come. We only knew about it when we read it in the New York Times.’

Okay. So at a different point (ahem) in the interview, Charlie Rose said, ‘Can President Obama turn this anger around?’

EMANUEL: It’s a representative democracy. They have voice and they have to be heard, too, and shouldn’t be dismissed. There’s a legitimacy there. That doesn’t take elective leaders off…the…hook. When you have that role of leadership you have a responsibility to make sure that we have a proper debate and don’t encourage that anger to drift off into something that’s ugly as we saw on this 15-year anniversary in Oklahoma. I think sometimes the media doesn’t act with the full responsibility that comes with their position. They play a role in exacerbating the sense that America’s pulled apart. It is not as pulled party as is being reported.

RUSH: So I guess this is the source for the Clintons’ theme came from: All that anger out there and all these words. I’m still waiting. You know, I asked President Clinton and President Obama yesterday: ‘Please, would you give me the words that caused McVeigh to go bonkers? Give me the words! What words did McVeigh hear to make him go bonkers?’ Just words. So Charlie Rose said, ‘Well, who’s doing this? Who has all this anger, who’s shouting around out there?’

ROSE: Do you think Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are part of the process of pulling them apart?

EMANUEL: They play that role. They have their differences. That’s clear and that’s okay. But they do play a role in exacerbating tensions, and that could be also said about some on the left, but there’s no doubt they do.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. There’s no doubt we exacerbate tensions. Of course they in the White House are kind, compassionate, soft-spoken. They’re not exacerbating anything. They’re unifiers, right? They came to pull us all together, to heal the earth, to lower the seas, to lower the temperature, to bring about a new respect for government. All these things are abject failures! ‘Oklahoma City ‘was a retaliatory strike,’ McVeigh wrote in a letter to the media, ‘a counter attack, for the cumulative raids (and subsequent violence and damage) that federal agents had participated in over the preceding years (including, but not limited to, Waco).” Rahm Emanuel: ‘Oh, yeah, these guys? They exacerbate tensions out there.’ This is the guy who at a Democrat National Committee fundraiser was standing at the head table listing and shouting the names of political opponents with a knife his hand and stabbing the table with a mention of each name and saying, ‘Dead! Dead!’ Of course these people are kind, compassionate unifiers, not exacerbating tensions at all. They are purposely dividing this country. Obama came to divide, as we now know.

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