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Rush’s Morning Update: Earth Day 40
April 21, 2010

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My friends, we have reason to give thanks. We are alive on Planet Earth! Lord knows it wasn’t easy to overcome the odds but somehow, we made it. Since the first “Earth Day” was celebrated 40 years ago, humanity has looked squarely into the eye of Death — but Death blinked. Not us.

In 1988, the great oceanographer and actor Ted Danson warned that in 10 years, the world’s oceans would be dead because we were polluting them. As a consequence we would be dead, too. Yet, 22 years later, we’re still here.

We also dodged the so-called Population Bomb, a prediction from Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich that we’d overpopulate the Earth and run out of key resources by now. The good professor suggested that to bring populations under control, nations should use mass sterilizations by tampering with food and water supplies. Thankfully, we survived without that. We’ve also outlived dire predictions that acid rain and a global ice age would kill us. The latest hoax is global warming.

But we’re still thriving.

So, let’s celebrate this 40th Earth Day! You could go buy an SUV and fill it with a tank of high-octane gas. Or, cut down a tree (legally) and make something useful out of it. Or, go for simplicity. Have a cookout and use lots of charcoal. Then have a good cigar and blow smoke rings to the heavens. After all, we saved the earth and ourselves…just by living our lives.

Mission accomplished!

You should feel like you’ve really done something, today.

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