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“The regime would like for us to believe that regulations are all for our own good because they care about us. But governments can’t care. They control.”

“I’ll thank my doctor for caring about my health. I’ll thank my family for caring about my health. I’ll thank others for nagging and bugging me about my health. But I would tell a regime to stop trying to control me.”

“We got salt, mammograms, pain pills, no more testing and so forth. It’s all the same. These are not matters for the government in a free society. The regime ought to be concerned with the deficit, with jobs, with Iran. Eight percent of the American people do not want big government no matter what the excuse for it is.”

“One of these days I’m going to come here and I’m going to do this show like it was done in the nineties, where there may be one or two serious stories a day, maybe a week. Now, every moment we have to be on the lookout because the regime is on the march. And they’re marching full-fledged, full speed ahead into every nook and cranny of our lives.”

“You know you are in trouble when you have to beg your supporters to get excited.”

“The Democrat Party, from Obama on down has got a campaign to demonize the tea party people, and now here’s Barbara Boxer who wants her supporters to emulate them. I thought they were causing riots. I thought the tea party people were about to blow up a building. Didn’t Bill Clinton tell us this on Friday?”

“They couldn’t predict within hours where the wind was gonna take the ash cloud, and yet we are supposed to alter our lives because of what computer models say global climate temperatures are going to be in 50 years. All of liberalism is a giant hoax. It’s just a giant lie with a bunch of subset of lies to support the big one.”

“Imagine if the guy who invented fire, or discovered it, was able to bank that like Henry Ford did the assembly line for automobiles.”

“I’m really intrigued by the utter calamity that strikes whole nations when airplanes can’t fly. Look at all that doesn’t happen. Mail doesn’t get delivered, overnight express, everything just comes to a screeching halt.”

“Barney Frank loves that gavel. He just loves shutting people up.”

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