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“Biden is as dumb as a box of Bidens.”

“Are they saying it’s preposterous, that somehow the Tenth Amendment is a conspiracy theory; that somebody who actually wants to uphold the Tenth Amendment, is a ‘Tenther,’ as though they wear tinfoil hats and are kooks?”

“Something magical and purifying happens when these Wall Street hacks go into government.”

“Have you heard, by the way, that Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev has suggested that Obama is the new Gorbachev?”

“No more ‘Hitler Discovered’ videos on YouTube. This is a shocking crime.”

“Do you think Obama gets anything done by policy? Did he win the health care debate by policy? Did he win that in the arena of ideas? No. He never does!”

“Obama’s ideas did not win the election in 2008. His cult of personality did.”

“Arizona has passed a very stringent anti-illegal immigration law. It’s so good that Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, the diocese, has compared them to Nazis and totalitarians.”

“Can Charlie Rose not read something other than the New York Times?”

“The chairwoman of the SEC was appointed by Reagan in 1988, reappointed by Bush 41 and Clinton, and elevated to chairwoman by Obama — and she’s a Democrat.”

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