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“The only thing Obama knows about money is how to spend other people’s.”

“Here’s Michael Bloomberg all upset about what Obama’s going to do to Wall Street. Yet he’s using his rich man’s guilt to force all kinds of taxes and regulations and laws all over New York: Trans fat, salt, you name it.”

“You can always gauge what the left is doing by listening to what they accuse us of doing.”

“Obama wins nothing on the basis of superiority of policy, superiority of argument, or having the best ideas. Zilch, zero, nada. He doesn’t even care about that. He gets what he wants via thuggery, governing against the will of the people.”

“It’s a slush fund is all this financial regulation bill is. It’s a way of getting Obama control of $50 billion via legislation. It’s the same thing that the Porkulus bill really was.”

“Our free market today is the most regulated free market in the history of free markets.”

“This is how Obama sees the country: You who have anything are thieves because this country has allowed you to just take whatever you can get however you can get it, and that’s why he’s gonna cut it down to size.”

“I see the heavy metal is back in the bumper music rotation. That means it’s being brought from somebody’s house.”

“This is Earth Day and everybody’s supposed to be environmentally conscious. So what happens? Obama and Biden fly separate jets to New York, go to different airports, and show up at events within blocks of each other.”

“Here you have 12 to 15,000 union thugs demanding tax increases at the Illinois state Capitol, which is akin to a tick demanding that we feed the dog more.”

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