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Rush’s Morning Update: Rated X
April 27, 2010

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According to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s inspector general, dozens of staffers used government computers to surf the web looking at and downloading porn. Most of the activity took place during the financial meltdown.

The porn party took place despite the SEC’s software filters designed to block porn sites. The more salacious examples in the IG’s report include a staff accountant who had more than 600 images stored on her laptop, and had accumulated almost 1,800 access denials for porn sites over a two-week period. Another SEC senior attorney spent up to 8 hours a day viewing porno at work, and overloaded his hard drive. So he burned porn images onto CDs and DVDs, which he stored at the office. Most of the porn-happy employees earn from 99 thousand to over 200 thousand a year.One porn-peeker said: “It was something, you know, at some point, I just kind of did naturally.”

Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley requested the report, and his spokesperson said the release was not politically motivated.

But given the daily attacks on the financial sector by Obama, it oughtto be used politically –not just by Republicans –but by every business he badmouths. We have enough regulators and regulations in place to monitor the financial sector,but the federal governmenthas been failing miserably for decades!

Unless they clean up their own triple-X-rated act, they don’t deserve more power to screw up — and screw –anybody else.

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