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RUSH: Jennifer, Potomac, Maryland, I’m glad you waited. I really appreciate your patience. Hello, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s such an honor to speak with you. I appreciate you taking my call.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I grew up in a Latin country and was a missionary kid. My husband is a legal immigrant from Guatemala. He has worked very hard in this country. He is a US citizen now. He’s a commander in the United States Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service. He is a true patriot and he loves this country with all his heart. And he does not take our freedom for granted. I homeschool my kids because I want them to be raised with an understanding of what it took to get this country where it is today, our freedom that we have, that we do not take for granted. I want my kids to have that foundation. I also want them to understand capitalism and what it takes. We as citizens have given a lot to this country to get it where it is today. We have sacrificed in a lot of ways, each putting in their fair share of hard work, and I am offended by Obama talking about fairness and my question is, whose rights are really being undermined here? You already made this point. But this is just disgusting to me. Is it fair that we as citizens and taxpayers have to foot the bill for these illegals health care and their ER visits, and is it fair that we have to pay the cost of dealing with the crime caused by these illegals; the cost of hiring more teachers to accommodate all their children who don’t speak English or who are learning it. Is it fair that millions of our tax money goes to translating every single document you can find in this country? Is it fair that we, as citizens, have to drive on the streets with illegals who can’t read the signs in English and don’t know traffic rules because they come from a country where those traffic rules are not enforced? It seems to me like we as legal citizens are the ones being treated unfairly here.

RUSH: You are exactly right. You are a hundred thousand percent exactly right. Right on, right on, right on, right on. It’s why I asked earlier, isn’t protecting legal citizens from an invading army of illegal aliens who are using our services and taking jobs, where’s the basic notion of fairness for the American citizen? Now, let me say something about this. Because, folks, we have to be very careful that we don’t fall into a trap here. I know a lot of people on our side of this issue, and it’s not a whole lot of them, but many of them say, ‘I don’t like all this talk about these illegals. They just want a better life.’ Yeah, the Somalis want a better life, and the Ugandans want a better life, the Haitians want a better life. There’s a way for them to have it, and that’s to emulate us. It’s not to come here and destroy what this is for everybody else.

So the point here is that the real focus of rage should not be on the illegals. They are simply facilitating opportunities granted them by the Democrat Party and the American left, and their own government. If you are an illegal alien and you are being told by La Raza and whoever else, ‘The Democrat Party is on your side. The Democrat Party thinks that you ought to be able to access the American job market and all of our constitutional rights, even though you’re not a citizen, and the only reason that you’re not being allowed to is ’cause they don’t like the color of your skin,’ and this is being led by no less than our own president of the United States. So this notion of fairness has been turned upside down, is 180 degrees out of phase. But it’s entirely understandable that people from the depths of poverty who are only miles away from prosperity would seek to access prosperity.

What’s happening is that there is a political movement and ideology and party, liberalism, the American left and the Democrat Party, which sees these people for only one reason, sees them in only one way. They are pure objects. They are not human beings. They are potential future voters. They are people who will become dependent on Democrats and the government. This is all about expanding government, creating a power base that can never, ever lose. These illegals are being exploited and used by the Democrat Party, in some cases their own governments, by sending them here and the American left in general, which has a big chip on its shoulder about this country anyway and would love nothing more than for all of it to be torn down.

Jonah Goldberg had a great piece at National Review Online on Friday, and he kicked it off by saying that Mr. Buckley, William Buckley opened a column every five or ten years with a phrase that he had become familiar with, and he hoped that after he died somebody would repeat it every five years, keep it alive. The phrase is ‘the problem with socialism is socialism. The problem with capitalism is capitalists.’ Now, before you think this is a criticism of capitalism, it’s not. The problem with socialism is itself. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism, except there are some people who game the system. But why has socialism never worked? Because the people who run it are not socialists. They are full-fledged capitalists, go to the Soviet Union, go to China, go to Cuba, the sons and daughters of party members do what? They live in the nicest houses, they have the nicest cars, they go to the nicest schools. The people in power in socialist societies have the power to game the system for themselves. The point is that every human being is trying to improve his own lot in life one way or another. In the case of socialism and communism, it’s trying to get yourself in the power structure to game the system for your own benefit.

The people who engage in capitalism and socialism are basically the same people. In capitalism, you do it for your work, you do it for your education, you do it by accessing opportunity in the private sector. Socialism has the same kind of people who don’t want to be equal with everybody else. Socialism exists on this premise that we’re all the same and we’re all equal and we’re going to take from those who have and redistribute to those who don’t so that everybody’s going to have the same but it never works out, and why not? Because there’s always a ruling class that has everything they want, forcing mediocrity, averageness on everybody else, and the people left are still trying to game the system to get out of their squalid circumstances. So it never works, it never can work because socialism is in direct violation of human nature. Capitalism is not. Capitalism embodies human nature, from freedom, to ambition, on down the line. Nobody’s ever said unfettered capitalism, nobody’s ever said we need an unregulated market. The difference is, yeah, you need a referee, as in the government, but when the referee starts playing the game then we’re all cooked and the referee is now playing the game.

The referee is owning car companies, the referee is owning the banking business, trying to take it over, the referee is now taking over the health care business, just like in the socialist, communist countries of China and the Soviet Union, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, wherever. Wherever you go and examine the lifestyles in those countries you are going to find abject misery except for the chosen few at the top, and those who are not the chosen few are trying to game their way to get in there because they’re using basic human nature. So, no, nobody disagrees with the notion that even in capitalism you need a referee. But when the referee, i.e., the government, starts playing the game, nobody else can compete, nobody has the money, nobody has the power to withstand them. So how does this relate to illegal immigration? It’s very simple. The Democrat Party, President Obama, this regime, the American left, liberalism in general, wants to get done with capitalism, they want to tear it apart leaving the spoils only for them.

These poor people, these poor illegals, I don’t care where they’re from, are nothing but tools. They’re not even really human beings. All this talk about their civil rights, that’s bogus as well. In fact, right now they don’t even care about making them citizens. They just want these poor people to think that they’re working on their citizenship so that they will win an election, or at least not lose as bad in November. They don’t care about people. All this talk about how they are the tolerant ones and they are the ones with compassion, it’s bogus just like every other sales pitch they give us about themselves, just about every other claim they make about themselves that’s oriented toward making them look angelic and us demonic. The people who care about people are found on the right side of the aisle in this country and throughout the world. Look at the unrest. Look at the angst. Look at the chaos and the tumult the president of the United States himself stirred up starting Friday and Saturday by bringing this immigration bill to the fore.

And now he’s talking about monitoring Arizona, and now he’s talking about reaching out to blacks, Latinos, women, and whoever else, but not whites, to recapture his campaign magic from 2008. He, his regime, and the Democrat Party exist to divide. And this push for amnesty for illegals is the greatest evidence of that, and it’s right in front of our faces, just like everything they’re doing now is right in front of our faces. We don’t have to speculate. We know it, we see it, they’re doing it. So when we oppose amnesty and illegals and so forth, yeah, they come and they commit crimes, but they are being enabled, they’re being enabled by a political party and ideology and a regime which refuses to enforce the law. And it’s now gotten so bad that instead of enforcing the law, they are accusing people who do enforce the law of human rights violations, they are criminalizing, attempting to criminalize people in Arizona for obeying and passing a law.


RUSH: Yes, my friends, say it the way it is. The least experienced, the least accomplished — the most anti-capitalist, pro-regulation — man ever to occupy the Oval Office has lived down to his reputation time and time and time again. He lives down to his resume and reputation (’cause there’s not much of one) each and every day.


RUSH: Janet in Tucson, thank you so much for waiting, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I live in Tucson and I’m one of the 70% of people that backed Jan Brewer on signing this bill. In Tucson, we have one Trauma Center. A lot of that is due to the fact over the last ten years so many illegals have been hurt coming across, they pack in vans, the vans roll over, they have to be MedEvaced in, ambulanced in, whatever it takes, and we can’t do it anymore. And people around the country have to understand where we are coming from. To have one trauma center for a town this size and area this size is abysmal. It shouldn’t be this way. And I have a question to people out there, how do we stop paying welfare for all these people that are here now illegally?

RUSH: Well, would you like to answer that yourself?

CALLER: I don’t know how to answer it. That’s why I’m on the phone with you.

RUSH: There’s no way to stop. Would you like me to explain? I’m not trying to be defeatist. The only way to stop it is to stop illegal immigration. The only way to stop it is with border security, because if they’re here, the Democrat Party, or even some statists in the Republican Party, I mean the Republican Party’s filled with a lot of idiots who think to get the Hispanic vote you gotta give ’em welfare, you gotta give the illegals entry, so the Republican Party has its own crew here who believes this, and as long as the Democrat Party and some Republicans think that the key to electoral success is the illegals and their Hispanic brethren who are legal, they’re going to continue to print money if they have to to give them welfare. In California they passed a ballot initiative to outlaw it, and a federal judge said, ‘Sorry, you don’t have the power, this is unconstitutional.’ People in California already said, ‘We don’t want to pay for their health care. We don’t want to pay for their education. We can’t afford it.’ Federal jury said, ‘Sorry, you don’t know what you’re talking about, your ballot initiative, unconstitutional.’ So as long as we got the focus here, Janet, on the root of the problem, the root of the problem is those who don’t want to do anything about this, those in this country who have the power to stop it, who don’t want to. They don’t want to stop it for an obvious reason. They want it to continue. They want these 12 to 20 million, whatever number it is, to be legal. They see votes; they see welfare recipients; they see an increased percentage of the population dependent on government. They see an endless opportunity for more wealth and income redistribution. So the only way to stop these kinds of payments is to stop the influx of illegals, and that’s taking hold of the border.

CALLER: Well, you know, we have friends from Mexico who have been here 20 years, and they came here to work. And they tell us now the people they knew way back when are coming here now with their hands out, they’re not coming to work because they know they don’t have to. And it’s so frustrating to live here, the drive-bys, there was a killing this weekend, the guy who was killed had a Hispanic surname, and this is all the time —

RUSH: And the rancher.

CALLER: — the home invasions, the drugs. Southern Arizona is absolutely gorgeous, you go down there where Mr. Krentz was killed, that area down there, it’s rolling hills, cows, gorgeous country. We can’t go down there for picnics or hikes anymore because you’re afraid you’re going to run into smugglers of one kind or another. It’s our civil rights also that are being tromped upon.

RUSH: Absolutely. It is your fairness that’s being discarded or ignored.

CALLER: Exactly. And nobody is paying attention to this.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh contraire. The country is in an uproar. I was just going to say to you, Janet, look at the timeline here. When was the last time we went through this and killed the federal — was it 2007 or ‘6? I forget when, but remember finally the Republicans broke with George W. Bush and McCain, and your phone calls, and they just killed the amnesty bill whenever it was, ’06 or ’07. It all lies dormant, at least on the legislative front, other than in the states. But it’s not dormant because the problem is continuing, and there’s no effort being made to stop it. And now, why are we roiled today? Because the state of Arizona has had to take the steps it took because the federal government will not enforce the law. The federal government, the regime, is now trying to criminalize what the governor of Arizona has done. So it’s the federal government, this regime, which has brought this back to the surface for express purpose of roiling our culture.


RUSH: Christina in Bakersfield, California. Hi. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I just wanted to say that I really liked your comment earlier about socialist leaders not actually practicing —

RUSH: They don’t.

CALLER: — socialism themselves. And I just wanted to make the point that we actually have an example of that here in the US with our union leaders. I don’t understand how people that belong to unions are okay with their union leaders making as much money as they do.

RUSH: ‘Cause they think the union leaders are looking out for them.


RUSH: When in fact it’s Bill O’Reilly looking out for them, but they think the union leaders are looking out for them and they think the union leaders are getting the best deal in preserving their health care and this, that, and the other thing. But you’re dead on right because the union leaders are by no means living a socialist or communist life like they’re advocating for everybody else.

CALLER: Right. And neither is Obama or anybody else in Congress or —

RUSH: Leonid Brezhnev —

CALLER: — they all make way more than the average person in the United States does now.

RUSH: ‘Kin’ A, I know, and Brezhnev, I don’t know how many cars Leonid Brezhnev had. This is one of the well-known secrets of the world, and that is that communist leaders and socialist leaders live like the wealthiest capitalists on earth. It’s that they force everybody else.

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