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RUSH: Joe in Spring Valley, New York. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hi, Rush. First I gotta tell you, man, you made me so famous! I used to be an obscure economist, and my conversation with you about Obama’s mother-in-law example? That’s on Google with millions of hits, and based upon that I get a call from the White House, and they’re saying they’re willing to meet you, too! So that was my second conversation with you some months ago.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: All you gotta do is call the White House and Obama’s willing to sit down with you and talk.

RUSH: Did you send me an e-mail about this or have you talked on the program to me about this before? I forget.

CALLER: Yeah, I have! In fact I spoke to you on 9/11, and I told you I was about to meet with Obama as an economist to create millions of jobs and it all started with you.

RUSH: I do have a vague recollection of this. Did you tell me this on the phone or did you tell me in an e-mail? Are you a website subscriber? Did you send me an e-mail to that account?

CALLER: I am a website subscriber, but —

RUSH: Yeah, that’s right!

CALLER: — I spoke with you on 9/11 in 2008 on the phone, and I asked you, and you said you’re more than willing to meet Obama. But the White House told me that all you have to is call the White House.

RUSH: Yeah. He sent me this note. This guy sent me a note; I read it. He said, ‘The White House is willing to talk to you, but they’re not going to reach out to you, you gotta reach out to them,’ and that this guy, Joe, in Spring Valley, New York, set it up. Who knew it was that easy?

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