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RUSH: This is this morning on Imus on WABC in New York. Imus: ‘I don’t think it’s fair for these senators to suggest that Goldman was taking advantage of a bunch of innocent people who didn’t know what they were doing.’

KERRY: I think people really just sense that there’s a lack of, uh, patriotism in it. There’s a lack of concern about the country. It’s just, ‘Hey, let’s make our money and run, and devil be damned what the implications are.’

RUSH: And here we go. So Wall Street officials suffered from a lack of patriotism in their practices during the financial crisis, according to Senator Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) and, of course, the Democrats in Congress that caused this crisis are what? ‘Kerry suggested that Wall Street showed a disregard for the public good during the run-up for the financial crisis in the fall of 2008,’ and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were showing a disregard to whom, Senator Kerry? Kerry said, ‘I think people really just sense there’s a lack of patriotism in it. There’s a lack of concern about the country. ‘Hey, let’s just make our money and run, devil be damned what the implications are.” The exact same thing coulda come out of Barney Frank’s mouth. (sigh)

‘Dingy Harry has accused Republicans of being ‘anti-American’ for blocking a Wall Street regulation bill from coming to the Senate floor.’ ‘Standard & Poor’s cut its ratings on Spain by one notch to AA from AA-plus Wednesday saying that a longer than expected period of low growth could undermine resorts efforts to cut the budget deficit.’ Actually two jobs here. The second one: ‘Green stimulus money costs more jobs than it creates, according to a study.’ We’ve had this before: ‘Every green job created with government money in Spain over the last eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs.’ So Spain has been downgraded. Guess what? Spain is California because Spain is the capital of green jobs, which are a net job loser! You have to remember the factors that have driven Spain into the toilet. It’s called liberalism, and the face of their liberalism has been green jobs.


RUSH: Here he is, Dingy Harry this afternoon at a press conference.

REID: All the talk of the Republicans about wanting to do something about this bill before it gets on the floor is really anti-Senate, anti-American. They keep stalling and they keep stalling, and it appears that they’re more concerned about taking care of the fat cats in Wall Street than they are the people who aren’t so fat, the people have been hit so hard, the consumers of America.

RUSH: Not a single word of truth from these people. But here we go. They can call Republicans anti-American, but we can’t call a genuine phony soldier a phony soldier. Republicans, anti-Senate, anti-American. They keep stalling. Let me tell you why. The financial regulatory reform bill is 1,336 pages long. It’s said to be far more convoluted than the health care bill. When are we going to find out what’s really in the financial regulatory reform bill? Byron Dorgan: ‘If the disclosures at these hearings are not the final nail that persuades the American people to demand this be done now, I don’t know what would be.’ Big problem, though, for the leftist majorities in Congress. The American people just don’t believe Washington has any idea about why the financial crisis happened or how to regulate it. Rasmussen: ‘64% of Americans are not confident that policy makers in Washington know what they are doing when addressing the current economic problems on Wall Street.’ I don’t care where you look, folks, the Democrats are on the losing side of every poll. There is no confidence in them or Obama on any issue.

Obama didn’t get a bounce out of health care. The governor of Arizona got a 16-point bounce when the immigration law there was passed. Obama has yet to get a bounce from his health care bill. Nobody has any faith in the Democrats to do anything, because they own everything now. The Heritage Foundation asks, ‘Does Byron Dorgan really believe that anyone who did not blindly keep inflating the housing bubble was ‘betting against your country’? Is it now unpatriotic to believe that housing prices cannot infinitely rise?’ By the same token is it unpatriotic to aggressively go after profits, which is what the Democrats seem hell-bent on. Profits are unpatriotic now. Wall Street is unpatriotic. Republicans are unpatriotic and un-American, all from this bunch of people who say we shouldn’t be demonizing people in government, we shouldn’t be criticizing elected officials and what’s Dingy Harry doing, but calling them un-American, and Kerry is challenging Wall Street’s lack of patriotism. We’re not supposed to talk that way, I thought.

Make no mistake. One of the main reasons for yesterday’s hearing, the Goldman hearing, was to deflect attention away from Washington’s role in creating the 2008 financial crisis. It was the government-created and subsidized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that played leading roles in the markets at the center of the housing storm. But the left prioritized their political goals over financial reality. So once again, they’re passing the buck. They get to act like spectators.

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