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“The only reason Obama and the Democrats are upset about the new Arizona immigration law is because it threatens their attempt at nationwide voter fraud.”

“You got some little kid beating the hell out of a pinata with the face of the Arizona governor on it. Where are all the stories of the violence?”

“A bunch of namby-pamby bleeding hearts are now advocating a boycott against the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. Man, oh, man. The leftists are just worked up into a tizzy about this.”

“Obama’s trying to create a phony hypothetical where families getting ice cream are hassled by stupid, bigoted policemen. This is gonna require a massive tequila summit before this is all over. We had a beer summit up in Cambridge.”

“We are asked to prove who we are constantly, and yet somehow it is racist to do this in Arizona. And the president of the United States may move to undo the immigration law. This is how the regime does things.”

“If you have an expired license, if you can’t prove the car is yours, what happens to you? What’s different about this than anything happening in Arizona? Not a damn thing. You try going to Mexico without proper documentation.”

“The people of Arizona and their state government are not acting in a radical way. The president and his regime are.”

“If you want to get down to brass tacks here, the president is siding against Americans, and this is the argument we need to universalize.”

“When a president, by his actions and words, makes clear that he is not going to protect the citizens of a state, it is the duty of that state to step up and protect its citizens when the president of the country refuses to do so.”

“If no one’s concerned with legal versus illegal, why not just scrap it? Why require a passport to get into this country?”

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