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RUSH: Now, folks, let’s go to immigration here because this business in Arizona, there is a media template that has developed here. And remember, for many, many moons, I have been advising you how to spot a media narrative, a template, and then when it’s been spotted, understand that that’s exactly what it is. It is an attempt to shape the opinion around a news story. Media templates do not consist of any reporting. The template that is out there is that this Arizona immigration law is gonna ramp up the Democrat base, it is going to ramp up Obama support, it is going to revive the Democrats’ election chances in November. That’s the template, and I’ve seen it all over television, I’ve seen it in every website that I’ve looked at, AP, UPI, Reuters, it doesn’t matter. Here’s Reuters: ‘Arizona Immigrant Law Energizes Hispanics and Democrats — Hispanics and Democratic lawmakers furious over Arizona’s harsh crackdown on illegal immigrants expect huge weekend rallies across the United States, piling pressure on President Barack Obama to overhaul immigration laws in this election year.’

Now, let’s see how many people they really turn out at these rallies. If they turn out hundreds of thousands of people, it means this has been in the works for a long time. You don’t just announce a rally on Thursday or Wednesday and have a million people show up all over the country on Saturday or Friday, whatever the day. When are they doing this, May 1st? So that would be Saturday, right? Well, let’s just see if they can do that. But the point is — I’m going to get into this in great detail when we come back from the break — the truth is it’s just the opposite. It’s not going to energize Obama’s base or the Hispanics ’cause they’re not going to get a bill passed and they’re not going to be satisfied with the effort. Obama is already backing off the notion of getting a bill passed before November, climate isn’t right for it. But even at that the numbers don’t work. The latest poll now from UPI: 70% of Americans, adults, support arresting people who can’t prove they’re in the United States legally. Seventy percent now. That’s about the same percentage of people in Arizona who support the bill. But this is a national poll.

Seventy percent support what Arizona is doing, and yet we are to believe that this Arizona law is reviving the Democrat base, that it will provide the momentum for a Democrat surge at the polls in November? It is just the exact opposite. They are trying to create this result, that’s the purpose of the template, and you need to spot the template, and you need to be able to understand what it really is so that you understand it’s a lie. They’re trying to create this initiative or this momentum because it doesn’t exist. They are losing ground. They don’t have the numbers, even if they energize their base, they don’t have the numbers to defeat the opposition on this, which is us. They’re not even close.


RUSH: ‘Protest organizers said on Wednesday outrage over the Arizona law — which seeks to drive illegal immigrants out of the state bordering Mexico — has galvanized Latinos and would translate into a higher turnout for May Day rallies in more than 70 US cities. ‘The marches and demonstrations are going to be far more massive than they otherwise would have been,’ said Juan Jose Gutierrez, a Los Angeles rally organizer who runs an immigration assistance company. The backlash began on Friday after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed’ the bill. ‘A Rasmussen Reports poll on Wednesday found that almost two-thirds — 64 percent — of voters in the state favored the measure.’ It’s up to 70% of the state. It’s 70% nationally now.

‘The crowds on the streets, from Los Angeles to New York, could be the biggest since 2006, when hundreds of thousands of marchers urged former President George W. Bush to overhaul of federal immigration laws. He tried, but failed in Congress. … US Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, who faces a tough re-election battle in Nevada where Latinos helped clinch victory for Obama in 2008, said on Wednesday he would work to pass energy legislation before tackling immigration reform, although both are seen as election-year long shots. Passing an overhaul offering a path to citizenship for many of the 10.8 million illegal immigrants…’ It’s not that few. There are more than that, but regardless, it ‘would consolidate…’ This is the template here.

‘Passing an overhaul offering a path to citizenship for many of the 10.8 million illegal immigrants in the United States would consolidate support for Democrats among Hispanics, the country’s largest minority, but would run the risk of energizing Republican opposition to Democratic lawmakers in swing states and districts.’ From an outraged Associated Press: ‘Illegal Immigrants Plan to Leave Over Arizona Law — Many of the cars that once stopped in the Home Depot parking lot to pick up day laborers to hang drywall or do landscaping now just drive on by. Arizona’s sweeping immigration bill allows police to arrest illegal immigrant day laborers seeking work on the street or anyone trying to hire them.’

This, of course, is a blatant lie. Professor Kris Kobach, the primary author of the Arizona legislation recently pointed out the law only kicks in when a police officer already has made a lawful contact with the person such as stopping him for breaking another law. They can’t randomly stop people because of their race or ethnicity and say, ‘Give me your papers,’ and anyone who reports the cops can do that in Arizona is lying through their teeth about it. (AP) ‘It won’t take effect until summer but it is already having an effect on the state’s underground economy.’ Well, it must also be having an effect on the state’s above-ground economy, meaning that more American citizens might be getting hired for this work. So there is outrage.

They’re trying to create it, as though there is a national outrage — and we are supposed to be upset that these illegal immigrants are leaving the state of Arizona. ‘Why, how heartless? How heartless can we be!’ Let me tell you the truth here, folks. This immigration issue — if they keep it up, if they keep pushing for this, if they do these rallies, this immigration issue — will ensure a massive Republican victory. These marches on Saturday will. The Democrat and Obama rhetoric will. The likelihood of Obama actually satisfying these people is small, since a bill probably can’t pass this year, and I think a lot of people are missing this because everybody gets caught up in the press template, the media template and narrative. Republicans are naturally scared of offending anybody in a civil rights-type of story.

So my main focus here is to try to convince Republicans not to fall into this trap of believing this template, because this template is a last-gasp effort. Seventy percent of adults in this country support what Arizona is doing. The idea that this is going to invigorate the left…? The problem here is one of real numbers. Illegal aliens in large numbers do not vote. So who’s left here? These ethnic politics the Democrats play, then they accuse us of doing that? Do you think black people are going to be motivated to vote Democrat by this? Al Sharpton’s out there trying to tell ’em, ‘You need to support this,’ but there’s already massive unemployment in the black community in this country. They see illegal immigration for what it is: It’s taking jobs that they might like.

Blue-collar union workers? Are they going to be more motivated to vote Democrat over this than they already are? I don’t think the numbers are there for this to work. Yet the media and even some Republicans talk about demographics and urge pandering. But the truth is the non-illegal immigrant population is far outnumbered by American citizens, and the non-Hispanic population far outnumbers the Hispanic population — and all the Hispanic population that is here legally does not support this, either. So this template is filled with many lies or false assumptions in an attempt to create a story, a public mood that does not now exist. The numbers just don’t work. And I’ll tell you, with the plunging Obama approval ratings already, the distaste on the part of a majority of people for his agenda overall, for Obama to be criticizing legislators in the state of Arizona and the cops.

You show people on television rallies featuring hundreds of thousands of people demanding that they be allowed to break the law, and somehow this is gonna energize Americans to elect Democrats? It doesn’t work, folks. It’s the exact opposite. Obama and his agenda — health care, whatever — is creating an anti-Democrat Party momentum that is building. It is not abating. And they keep doing things like this, and the momentum against Obama will continue to swell. I just don’t see the numbers working here. Our side remains very enthused about all this, and Obama now is even trying to back off of this claiming, ‘Well, we can’t get this done by November.’ You know what we ought to do, folks?

We need to say, ‘President Obama, show us your bill. ‘Harry Reid, Pelosi, show us your immigration bill. You got all these illegals thinking you’re going to do something for them. You have these massive protests planned for May 1st or May 5th, whatever the hell it is.’ I’m getting conflicting information on this. Some people are telling me there are massive protests across the country on May 1st for communism. Others are saying that this immigration thing is going to happen on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. I don’t care. Whenever it happens, these people are going to know there isn’t a bill. They’ve even lost Lindsey Grahamnesty! Losing Lindsey Grahamnesty guarantees that if there’s a bill, there will not be a way to get it passed. (Well, legally.) So, President Obama, where is your immigration bill?

Where is your amnesty bill? Where is the legislation that’s gonna grant citizenship to these people protesting in the hundreds of thousands whenever they do it. Senator Reid, where is your immigration bill? Where is it? These people are not going to be placated with effort. They’re not going to sit around, ‘We know Obama really tried. We gotta vote for Democrats, because Harry Reid and Pelosi, they really tried. They really tried to give us amnesty. Those Republicans stood in the way. We’re gonna support them because they tried.’ I don’t think that works. The people that really want this are fed up with effort that doesn’t produce results. They want results and they’re not going to get results — and when they don’t get the results, what’s that going to do to their momentum to vote in November? All of this is working against Obama and the Democrats. It’s sort of amazing to see them do it.


RUSH: A quick question here, ladies and gentlemen. Why do we even accept the premise on the poll of the new law? The law’s the law, right? It is the law now. As Algore likes to say, ‘Obama, the debate’s over.’ The debate’s over here. We’re just supposed to obey it now. That’s what they told us about health care, ‘Get over it,’ they said. ‘Don’t repeal this.’ The government just is and we either obey or we’re anti-government fascists. Well, okay, the law in Arizona is the law, so shut up those of you that don’t like it. The debate’s over. Our president tells us this constantly. Why are we polling this? It doesn’t matter. The law is the law. If a hundred percent of the people don’t like it, tough toenails. But 70% do. So the law’s the law. So shut up!

Let me tell you something here, folks. Even if these rallies turn out large numbers, Congress knows which side of the bread their butter is on. These La Raza people, they will never be able to top the numbers they turned out in the summer of 2006. And look how Congress ignored them then. They had millions of people we were told. They couldn’t get the bill passed because that’s when you started calling and writing and faxing Congress in droves. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. When these protests happen, the people rallying for amnesty are going to be portrayed as grassroots Americans who are interested in fairness. These are what Americans are really all about. These are not the tea party people. These are not the people promising violence. These are the salt of the earth, these people the backbone of America. That’s what they’re going to tell us as they cover these massive protests. Those redneck tea baggers, they’re just lunatic fringe haters, bitterly clicking to an America long gone. But this, this immigration rally the people wanting amnesty are the future of America, look at these people, the essence of what this country is all about, diversity, look at the all the people of color here, this is the new America. Get ready for it, folks. That’s how they’re going to try to Astroturf all of this.

Even the former head of the Congressional Black Caucus is against amnesty. So the numbers weren’t there in 2006 and 2007, why should they be there three years later when there hasn’t been a massive effort for amnesty until about two weeks ago? And where are they going to get all these numbers anyway? If they do turn out hundreds of thousands, it means this has been in the works for a long time, which I wouldn’t doubt, by the way. While it’s being made to look spontaneous, it’s probably been in the works for a long time. This is just like dictatorships where they have a little fig leaf of a representative government. They just keep introducing what they want over and over again until they ram it through. It’s what Chavez does. It’s what the Castros do. But Arizona has shown Americans that there is another kind of immigration reform, the kind that actually works, the kind of immigration reform that the vast majority of Americans want. What Arizona is doing is the norm. Anti-Arizona people are the radicals. The president is the radical in this. His supporters are the radicals in this.

We keep hearing about ‘Americans want comprehensive immigration.’ Yeah, we do. And guess what? Arizona is showing the way. Seventy percent of the American people now support what’s happening in Arizona. Okay, La Raza says May 1st is when they’re going to do all these protests. That’s Saturday. All these marches for amnesty out there, fine and dandy, and maybe they’re going to also do marches for communism at the same time. Now, I’ve seen a La Raza press release on this, and they’re ratcheting up their demands for amnesty to raise the price of their being placated when they don’t get it. They know they’re not going to get it before November, they know they’re not going to get it this election cycle, so they’re racheting up their demands for amnesty in order to be placated when they don’t get it. And the people at La Raza know full well they got a problem. They gin people up, and they tell ’em, ‘Yeah, time has come, amnesty is coming your way, we finally got a president and a Congress that wants it.’ And they don’t deliver it? The days of these people applauding the effort — this is where Dingy Harry is all screwed up. He thinks just by bringing the bill or talking about bringing the bill, that somehow Hispanic votes in Nevada are going to save his bacon.

Well, my point is they don’t have the numbers and they certainly don’t have the momentum because these people are tired of the effort. They’re not going to reward the effort, ‘At least these people care, let’s vote for them.’ The consolation prize when all this fails, the consolation prize will be more money, billions given the leaders of this movement and their front organizations and more carve-outs in legislation, and that’s what they’re demanding, that’s what La Raza is demanding and all these other people who are petitioning the Democrats to get this done. They’re kinda holding them hostage. ‘You don’t get it done, here’s what it’s going to cost you,’ and they’ll get it. I wouldn’t doubt if they propose and demand an amendment to Obamacare, for instance, where suddenly undocumented immigrants will be included after all. What’s to stop them? It’s the objective anyway. It was going to be in the original health care bill until outrage erupted. They don’t have the votes in the Senate with Scott Brown if he holds, and he’ll hold on health care. But it’s not going to stop La Raza from demanding it, ‘Okay, we don’t get amnesty, then we want free health care and we want it documented we’re gonna get it. We don’t want to have to sneak around to emergency rooms. We want it covered. That’s the price for failing amnesty.’ Earned income tax credit for undocumented immigrants. All kinds of things they can demand.

Well, hell, folks, don’t laugh. If they’re ready to just blanketly call them citizens with a wave of the magic wand and say, ‘Guess what, you’ve been here illegally for a number of years or just got here yesterday, you’re legal, you’re an American citizen right now.’ Well, then what’s to stop them from giving them the earned income tax credit before they become citizens? This is what the Democrats do. It’s all about getting their votes. Don’t minimize that aspect of this. As I so brilliantly mentioned yesterday, this is a battle being fought for the Democrats to be able to preserve election fraud, not just illegal immigrant election fraud, but election fraud coast to coast, border to border. La Raza and these other groups, in lieu of getting amnesty this year, will demand everything for undocumented immigrants that other minorities get. And this is where the Reverend Sharpton’s going to have some problems, because the Reverend Sharpton now is going from the streets to the suites back to the streets, and now to the sheets. He’s trying to convince his charges, ‘Hey, this is good, we gotta support our president here.’ Some are saying, ‘Where’s this laser-like focus on us?’ They already know that the Hispanics are a larger minority in the country than they are.

So you start giving them the same goodies, the illegal immigrants, give them the same goodies that other minorities have, you have chaos.


RUSH: All right, just found this on Twitter. It’s a tweet supposedly from Dana Bash at CNN: ‘cnn (sic) has learned: senate democrats (sic) set to hold a presser later today unveiling immigration reform proposal.’ It’s all part of the template, folks. This is all designed to make people think, ‘The Democrats are serious. We’re gonna get amnesty this year.’ That’s what this is all about. Let ’em do it. Folks, this is a key point here: The politics of this does not work for the Democrats. Don’t doubt me. Despite this constant propaganda, this is important because the lie about the political consequences is used to scare weak Republicans who insist that we join in the pandering and the lawbreaking. ‘Rush, they just want a better life. They just want a better life!’ Yeah. We’ve been through that yesterday. But this is all part of the propaganda. It’s all part of the template.

It’s all part of the effort to thuggerize American politics, ’cause they want to scare weak Republicans into thinking that there is a national sweeping mood for this, when it is just the exact opposite. From the Think Progress blog. Now, this is a far left blog. I don’t know if this is Podesta’s blog or not, but it’s a very, very liberal web blog. ‘Following passage of Arizona law, at least seven states contemplate anti-immigration legislation.’ I’ll tell you what: The left is scared to death this is going to spread to other states. Imagine that: other states enforcing federal law? They’re scared to death of that. That’s why they’re trying to create this template and narrative of an opposite framework. So right on call here, the paranoia the left has is going to spread to other states. ‘Following passage of Arizona law, at least seven states contemplate anti-immigration legislation.’ Who are they? ‘Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska.’

That’s from their Wonk Room Blog. ‘When President Obama condemned Arizona’s draconian and potentially unconstitutional immigration law last Friday, he predicted that ‘if we continue to fail to act [on immigration] at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts to open up across the country.’ Indeed, it’s already happening,’ says Wonk Room at Think Progress. [M]any states and localities across the country are in fact in the middle of or about to embark on copycat pieces of legislation,’ and they want us to believe that the momentum is with them? They want us to believe that the momentum is for amnesty? Folks, do not doubt me. The numbers here do not work for these clowns in any way, shape, manner, or form.

You let them go ahead with these protests and if they’re the slightest bit disruptive — if they burn the American flag, if they hold it upside down, if they flip it off, whatever they do — you think this is going to spur the American people to say, ‘Okay, okay, okay! Okay, you want amnesty? Fine, you can have it.’ This… (interruption) I know they’re not all Border States. (interruption) What’s going on? ‘They’re not all border states, what’s going on?’ You know damn well what’s going on, Snerdley. It’s a rhetorical question. It’s not just going on in Border States. The Mexican drug cartels deal in all states. It’s a free market, as far as they’re concerned. What all this does, folks, is exposes the big lie. The Feds have not secured the border. The Feds have no intention of securing the border.

They refuse to follow their own immigration laws at the federal government. They are plenty happy if this chaos continues. They are so happy. Do not underestimate my point on this: They are dividing this country two ways, by race and by class. The Soviets did it by class; Hitler did it by race. Obama is using both techniques. That is not an insignificant point. The chaos continues, and they are plenty happy about it. They hoped to confer amnesty and then citizenship on tens of millions of illegal aliens in the country. That’s why there’s no action on the border. That’s why there’s no enforcement of federal law. As I said yesterday: ‘If these Hispanics, if these illegals were said to be 70% for Republicans, the Democrats would already have deported ’em years ago. They would have built a train down to Mexico City to get it done.’

Anybody think I’m wrong about that? It’s all about votes. Even these Republicans that like this idea of amnesty, they’re just in it for the votes. They’re willing to let the culture rot. Republicans and Democrats who are for this are not putting the country first. They’re putting their own elections first. It’s all about votes. They don’t understand the American people don’t care about their votes. The American people care about their neighborhoods; the safety of their states, cities, communities, and their children and themselves. They don’t care about McCain’s reelection more than they care about their own safety — and if they don’t trust McCain or any Democrat to put their safety first: Sayonara. The numbers do not work for Obama.

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