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RUSH: And you know, folks, one of the things that really distresses me about all of this is the way Obama is playing this. He’s actually playing the race card. He’s doing two things at one time. The communists around the world always thought that they had to play off the haves versus the have-nots, class warfare. Hitler and his gang believed you did it on race, you divided people by race. Obama is doing both. Obama is playing class warfare and dividing people on the basis of race. He’s doing them both. He’s outdoing whatever Hitler and any Soviet commissar ever did, because he’s combining these two things that roil and divide a culture. (impersonating Obama) ‘Yeah, there’s a point you earn enough money, you have enough.’


RUSH: The Think Progress blog here is a George Soros operation, and they have a post on me today: ‘Limbaugh suggests Obama is touchy about Arizona law because you can’t produce his own papers.’ Remember when I said that yesterday? I knew that’d tweak ’em. I knew that’d tweak ’em. They quote me as saying, ‘Papers = Nazi. ‘Your papers, please,’ equals Nazi. That’s why Obama using the term. I can understand Obama being touchy on the subject of producing your papers. Maybe he’s afraid somebody’s going to ask him for his,’ and then they link to the audio on my website to listen to it. Then they talk about all the other ‘false claims,’ and Snerdley said during the break, ‘You know, you’re going to get blowback on this comparison here to Hitler and the Soviets.’ Fine! Let the blowback come. What did I say that’s wrong?

What did I say that’s not factually correct? The Soviets, the communists divided people by class. That’s how they promoted war and chaos in their culture: Haves versus have-nots. Obama’s doing that in this country. Joe the Plumber. ‘We wanna spread the wealth around.’ Hitler, as we all know, used race as his divide and conquer technique. Well, what’s going on now here? What’s untrue about that? Did Hitler do that? Ask the Jewish people and the gypsies. Ask anybody if Hitler did it. Ask anybody if the Soviets did it. Both statements are true. Are we not being divided by class in this country? Is that not what this agenda is all about, redistribution? And Obama is throwing the race card here on this Arizona immigration bill. So let the blowback come. I am not afraid of the blowback. Truth is the truth. That’s why truth will drive liberals crazy if they listen to this show.


RUSH: A couple e-mails say, ‘Rush, when did Obama play the race card? What are you talking about?’ What am I talking about? Over the weekend Obama put out a video urging blacks and Hispanics and women to get reenergized for him. He did not mention whites — old, female, or young. He only mentioned people of color. But even he forgot that, he’s out there ripping the law in Arizona, his ripping the governor. Hell, he did it again on Air Force One last night on the way back to Washington, DC, Obama said this to reporters about the new immigration law in Arizona.

OBAMA: (plane noise) What I think is a mistake is when we start having local law enforcement officials in power to stop people on the suspicion that they may be undocumented workers. Because, you know, that carries a great amount of risk, uhhh, that core values that we all, uhhh, care about are breached. We have to do more though in the context of a comprehensive plan that maintains our status as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.

RUSH: It’s a law. We are a nation of laws. You’re the one trampling on laws. Arizona passed a law because you in Washington are not dealing with the problem, but here’s the thing. He’s lying. The left is lying when they say, ‘Local law enforcement officials have the power to stop people on the suspicion that they may be undocumented workers.’ They can’t stop them on that basis! They have to have committed some other violation that would result in police attention anyway. I want to know: How does enforcing the law undermine our status as a nation of laws? Somebody has to explain this to me. How does enforcing the law ‘undermine our status as a nation of laws’? So, anyway, they continue to say that Arizona is no different than a Soviet checkpoint. ‘They can stop you just because of the way you look.’

That’s not what the Arizona law says. You must remember: The left, the Democrats, whatever you want to call them, lie, folks. They lie about veritably everything.

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