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RUSH: Richard Trumka. Do I want to play this? Yeah, let’s do sound bite seven and eight. Richard Trumka, this is the AFL-CIO president. He was on CNBC Squawk Box or Squawk on the Street, whatever it is, this morning. Mark Haines said, ‘What do you want? What are you trying to prove or point out today?’

TRUMKA: These guys destroyed 11 million jobs, they wrecked the economy, they got bailout money, and they — they haven’t learned the lesson so we want them to do three things. We want them to pay their fair share to create the jobs that they destroyed. Two, we want them to stop fighting Wall Street reform because they send a legion of lobbyists to DC to stop it from happening. Three, we want them to start lending to small and mid-sized banks so that they can create jobs.

RUSH: Pfft. Okay, so that’s the AFL-CIO thug Richard Trumka. But Mark Haines said, ‘Wait a minute. There’s no question of collateral damage their actions was loss of jobs, loss of stock value, loss of real estate value, but isn’t that kind of remote damage in terms of cause and effect? I mean, how do you justify holding them responsible for job loss?’

TRUMKA: They destroy an economy, they destroy 11 million jobs, that’s remote? Talk to the 11 million people! It’s not remote to them. Look, they made billions of dollars and they’re still making billions of dollars, and they still don’t get it. They’re back to business as usual. That’s why we need Wall Street reform, and that’s why we want them to start paying for the jobs that they destroyed: 11 million of them.

RUSH: This is just amazing. So here you have Richard Trumka oriented toward socialism and communism in his union, supporting Obama’s big financial regulatory reform bill, saying that Wall Street is responsible for all the jobs that have been lost in the economy. Even Haines couldn’t let him get away with that, and the next bite (which I’m not going to bore you with) is the solution. ‘Okay, well, what would you do, Trumka?’

Tax increases! Tax increases! Tax increases! That’s what is needed.

‘How many jobs have unions destroyed?’ is the question. How many industries have unions destroyed? How many jobs have left the United States to get away from unions? The real question — if Trumka is sitting on a TV show saying, ‘ahhhh, Wall Street, 11 million jobs! They’re responsible for it. We need tgax increases to pay for it!’ — is, ‘Yeah? How many industries have you guys single-handedly wrecked? How many businesses have you guys forced to close down?’ I dare say that unions like Trumka’s — union people like Trumka, not the workers, the leader — are a bigger drag on the economy than Wall Street people are.

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