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“Whatever the Arizona immigration law accomplishes, it has put the lie to the claim that what Democrats call ‘immigration reform’ is anything other than amnesty.”

“We keep hearing about ‘Americans want comprehensive immigration.’ Yeah, we do. And guess what? Arizona is showing the way. Seventy percent of the American people now support what’s happening in Arizona.”

“If Obama would be as tough on Iran as he is on Arizona we might have something to talk about, but then again Obama knows who his real enemies are, and there are many more of them in Arizona than there are, apparently, in Iran.”

“Media templates do not consist of any reporting. It is an attempt to shape the opinion around a news story.”

“Seventy percent support what Arizona is doing, and yet we are to believe that this Arizona law is reviving the Democrat base, that it will provide the momentum for a Democrat surge at the polls in November? It is just the exact opposite.”

“Arizona has shown Americans that there is another kind of immigration reform, the kind that actually works, the kind of immigration reform that the vast majority of Americans want. What Arizona is doing is the norm. Anti-Arizona people are the radicals. The president is the radical in this. His supporters are the radicals in this.”

“The communists around the world always thought that they had to play off the haves versus the have-nots, class warfare. Hitler and his gang believed you did it on race, you divided people by race. Obama is doing both.”

“Obama was the most liberal Democrat in the Senate when he was there, and that’s something when you are more liberal than Ted Kennedy, when you’re more liberal than Harry Reid or John Kerry.”

“If these Democrats do indeed bring up an illegal immigration amnesty bill, any Republicans who helps them is finished. No questions asked. Finished.”

“The arguments that the regime and its associates are making on this Arizona law have nothing to do with the law. They’re throwing the race card here. This is profiling, produce your papers, they don’t want a substantive analysis of this at all because on the substance, just like on any other issue, they lose.”

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